You make me happy :)

Today I had meetings in Glasgow. And I had totally forgotten how tiring driving for 7 hours in one day was.

But the day was fun and productive.

And having good time to pray and worship on the journey was a wonderful blessing.

It really was.

Beautiful scenery. Hearing the Word. Singing songs. 

Marcus wrote this amazing worship song last night and sent me a working-recording of where he’d got to just before I left, and that song, amongst others, really focused me onto pressing through to draw into a deeper place with God. Especially the thought of just how vast our wonderful God is, and just how much of Him there is and will always be to search out. I love the power that words have to focus our thoughts and our hearts onto the deeper reality of God. And I am thankful for the gifting of those who have sensitive Jesus-glorifying songwriting skills 🙂

On my drive back, my meditations were on Jesus. 

I was listening to a worship song that was so simple, and just sang out ‘I love You, I love You, You make me happy’. 

And I was thinking about that reality: Jesus makes me happy. 

It’s simple. But it’s true. When everything else is shaken or taken, He remains. Even in the joyful, full-of-blessings-seasons of life, He is the centre of it all.

Simple songs of love. But true all the same. 

I know that Your eyes are like flames of fire

I know that Your head is as white as wool

And I know it’s Your voice that sounds like water

Jesus, You’re beautiful.

(Jon Thurlow)



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