Breaking out of boxes…

So today has been a full, lovely, church-family, 25-years-of-our-church anniversary day. A morning service, a bring and share lunch, an afternoon with wonderful friends and an evening outreach. 


This morning’s sermon was amazing, so I’ll share some of the footnotes with you. 

We were reading Genesis 13 v 14-17. Where Abraham is told to see and walk the land that has been promised to him.

And these were the thoughts of the preacher for us:

Satan would be happy if you would just settle where you are. It is so easy to settle and be comfortable. To leave no new footprints in the sand.

But we were not designed to settle. There is always the more in God.

Too many Christians are hiding instead of letting their light shine. There is a calling out into what God has for us.

We need to lift up our eyes. Don’t look at where you are, look from where you are. That’s perspective. See the glory of God. Our God is able.

There is history still to be written for the glory of God.

Too many of us put ourselves in boxes. Boxes have limitations. But God calls us to walk forward.
What God has put within us is greater than to be in a box.

What lid is holding you back from accomplishing what God has for you?
There can be restrictions that bind us.

1. The lid of prejudice. It is so easy to prejudge others and prejudge ourselves. David was prejudged by his family. The last one picked. In his own Father’s mind, he did not equate to be King. But God sees things differently. He sees the anointing and the call. He sees the inward. Other people may count you out, but God counts you in. You can allow other people to define you, or you can allow God to define you. To instil worth and value into our lives. God designed you the way He did because He has a plan and a purpose for your life. Heaven is waiting for us to play our part. Our attitude must be the mind of Christ in all things. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

2. The lid of problems. God spoke to Abraham after Lot had left. Abraham watched a young man he had developed and raised leave him. The conflict pushed him out of his comfort zone. A test is going to produce something. Let the testing of your faith produce patience. Let us be mature. Let us lack nothing. God sometimes allows trouble in our lives to produce something good in us. A kite cannot fly without resistance. God doesn’t always take us out of situations. He takes us through. Challenge can allow us to move forward.

3. The lid of the mind. This is where most of us are caught. We need to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. Deception, discouragement and depression are all rooted in our minds. But we need to break this lid and get into the mind of Christ. We can battle against something that is already open because the Truth has set us free. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. The enemy feeds lies into our minds to tell us the door is locked, when our reality is that we are a new creation and the door is wide open. Our God puts roads in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. He has removed the lid of restriction so that we can be the children God has created us to be. It is not our yesterday’s that define us. It is the fruit of what God is doing this day. He gives us the keys to our freedom. He shows us the great possibilities of a future in Him.

You are not what you think you are. You are not what you feel you are. You are what God says you are.

I loved that message.

It’s so encouraging to remember that God’s heart is FOR us. I am so blessed. So thankful. Because He is so, so good.

I long to run into the deeper things of God and to stand strong with this beautiful community of the Church.

And talking of beautiful community, here are some photos of my precious friends.


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