The travelling tea.

So yesterday I made the rather epic (but not really, that’s sarcasm ;)) decision to re-join the gym.

It’s been a few months, but heading into a somewhat cold Highland winter swung it for me… For the four months that I have left in Scotland, I am going to try and maintain some level of fitness… Maybe.

I always hate the first run back. Yesterday’s 5k hurt. This morning, as I cowboy-impersonated-a-walk about my office, it hurt even more. Today’s 5k was a little easier, and definitely improved by the moral support shown by my roomie Becca joining the gym too! (Thanks Becca!!)

So we finished a treadmill session tired, aching, red-faced, and just-a-little proud of ourselves… And running late for a church meeting we were going to.

Like really late.

By the time we were showered and realised we still had to pick up another two people, it was fast becoming disastrously late.

So Becca headed to pick up one person, and I headed to the house of another, where we would meet and all jump into one car. Plan.

I reached the meeting-house first, and realised that above all other priorities, I was in desperate need of a cup of tea. (Is it just me who finds a cup of earl grey the most refreshing drink after a hard run?!) So kettle on, tea bag ready, cup out… I had just finished making my cup of tea when Becca arrived…

So this was then the critical decision… Make it to the event only a little late? Or drink the tea?

I mean, how do you choose in a situation like that? (Are you all feeling the critical nature of this?! Hahaha..)

Well, I couldn’t. So I chose the third option.

Take the tea.

Yep. Take it.

Not in a travel mug or a sensible flask. In a china horse cup.

Becca drove, I drank, and the tea travelled all the way across town. There were no spillages, despite Inverness’s many pot-holes, and I reached church refreshed. Perfect.

There are some things in life it’s just worth taking with you. Even if you look a little stupid. Even if it seems a little strange. It’s worth it.

And just like I think tea should travel. Just like I think it’s worth the china-mug-escapades. I think that spiritually, there are things we should always take with us. Even if in the eyes of the world, they seem a little strange. They’re worth it.

Like worshipping Jesus through every situation, even when it’s hard, it sometimes seems a little strange to people who don’t understand. And having faith for miracles and God’s breakthrough, sometimes seems a bit weird. And loving those who’ve hurt you, and forgiving those who’ve caused you pain doesn’t make sense in the eyes of the world. But these things are worth it.

The patience and kindness and gentleness and self control that God calls forth in us is worth it.

The fruitfulness that He calls forth in us as we abide in Him is worth it.

Because Jesus is worth it. And living for Him is worth it.

And in His Presence, there is fullness of joy.

Because He thought we were worth it.

I was talking to a colleague and friend that I haven’t seem in a few months today, and he said to me, ‘Are you happy? You just sound so happy. Happier than I’ve heard you before.’ And I thought thankfully, that’s the joy of the Lord and the restoration of God. That joy is worth taking with us.

And the travelling tea… That just reminded me of that tonight. 🙂 


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