We are not orphans!

Our church had a wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL night of prayer and worship last night. It was one of those precious times of both encouragement from God and praise to Him. And we sang out songs and prayers in a way that was beautifully freeing.

I left thankful. Thankful to Holy Spirit for pouring over us. But also thankful for the friends who stood either side of me in worship. I’m really going to miss these people come January… Really, really, really…

And the words that kept coming to me, almost pouring over me, over and over and over… Were about the Father-heart of God. That He is a good Father. That we are not orphans. That we are never abandoned. That He is faithful. That He never fails us.

And that’s such a stunning meditation. Such a beautiful lens to see everything through.

God is a perfect Father.

That changes our perspective. It really does.

He protective for us. He fights for us. He wants the best for us. He disciplines us, but still in His kindness. He speaks Truth to us.

And over and over and over again in the Word, God calls Himself our Father.

And that reality changes us.

I’ve been continuing to think about this today. And the lyrics of this song have been going around in my mind…

We invite the teacher,
We invite the helper.
I am not an orphan.
I am not abandoned.

Beautiful. True. Eternal.

Right now I am at a women’s meeting with my beautiful girls. So here we are, excited to worship some more in just a few minutes! ๐Ÿ™‚


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