Crooked teeth and dental care.

When I was 12 years old a rather life changing occurrence happened. 

I was told by my dentist that I might need to have a brace fitted to fix my one single crooked tooth.

Now the brace idea would have been ok. But the injections that would subsequently have followed were definitely not ok.

I really hate injections. 

So, this left a slight quandary. 

Which resulted in me not returning to the dentist in…. A whopping… 14 years.

Seriously. I next went to the dentist 2 years ago, aged 26.


And on the rather epic day that I finally booked a dental appointment, I actually had a little bit of fear about what would happen. I mean, my teeth weren’t in pain or anything, but I was sure that there would be at least a few cavities hidden in the recesses of my mouth. Over the 14 years of dental absence, I had happily crunched my way through bags and bags of boiled sweets, polo mints and cough candy. I had brushed my teeth twice a day, and I had mouth-washed, flossed and taken-care-of-in-every-possible-way… Other than eating a great deal of sugary condiments… Oops.

So, two years ago, crooked tooth still happily crooked, I took myself off to the dentist. 

And after she had heard my tale of mouth-care disaster, she also looked a little worried. 

20 minutes passed.

She had probed, prodded, and investigated. She had x-rayed, scanned and examined.

And she had found… Nothing.

Not one cavity. Not one filling needed. Nothing.

She called in the senior dentist. Just to check.

And he probed, prodded and investigated. He x-rayed, scanned and examined.

And he found… Nothing.


They said I was the worst advertisement for attending regular dental appointments that they had ever seen. 


The only thing, the dentist suggested… Is that I could have a brace fitted to fix my crooked tooth?! Hahaha… 

Fortunately I am now old enough to flat-out refuse, and happily keep my crooked tooth in place.


You might have noticed it in some photos. I quite like it. 🙂


And this morning I had my six monthly check up at the dentist, and was yet again told that my teeth were doing perfectly well… And it got me thinking about how my teeth were protected in a far greater way than I deserved. Don’t get me wrong, I I had taken serious steps to look after them… But I hadn’t done what I could have done.

And yet, they were protected.

Like a little tooth-like-hedge-of-protection.

And today, I was driving through the north Highlands of Scotland for work, post-dentist, and I was thankful for the hedge of protection that God continues to place over my life and my heart. 

He delights in showing me mercy. 

And I am thankful for those blessings that I don’t deserve, but can only praise Him for.

Like my view on today’s drive… Which just reminded me of the way God’s glory breaks through. 


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