The kiev challenge.

So I was just lamenting to my housemate Becca and honoury-housemate Lisa that I didn’t know what to blog about today (I’ve been writing quite a lot of documents at work so I’m a bit writing-ed-out!), when Becca, who is just about to go in her fourth night of night-shifts, suggested that I blog about our dinner.

She is tired.


So challenge up-taken… Our dinner…

Which curtesy of our recent Asda trip, involves a substantial amount of chicken kievs. 

Which curtesy of our great oven, are now happily cooking away.

Credit where credit is due, Becca also suggested that I could theme a blog on how chicken kievs look a bit boring on the outside, all orange and breadcrummy, but yet are filled with such delightfully tasty insides.

Like peppercorn sauce. And garlic butter. And other delicious things.

And there is that kind of parallel. Or modern-day parable. That we are a bit like chicken kievs.

Are you following? Hahaha…

I mean, Paul calls us jars of clay, but the principle is similar.

Something that looks so plain and ordinary and tasteless on the outside, contains something beautiful, extraordinary and tasty.

And just like clay jars can contain richest treasure, and breadcrumbs can contain hiddenly delicious insides, we can hold the deepest treasure of all: the precious Holy Spirit. 

And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given us (Romans 5 v 5).

Beautiful. Wonderful. True.

All my books have finally arrived for my next essay. So, this is for the sympathy vote… Plus my 7 books on kindle… These are reading requirements! I’m ready!!


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