1D lessons ;)

Today I had some fun meetings in Perth; so snazzy hire car in hand, I trekked all the way down the A9 as the sun came up.

It was a beautiful morning.

Truly beautiful.

And the time spent in meetings was productive, funny and encouraging. The best kind of meetings.

We also got onto talking about some random things throughout the course of the day. I was filling in some colleagues I haven’t seen since before the summer about the situation out in Japan. We were putting the world to rights. And we were talking about One Direction.

Yep. One Direction.

As in, the cheesy, teen-sensation boy band.

Now don’t ask me how we got onto this topic, but arrive there we did. Considering that all my colleagues today were men over the age of 35, it was rather humorous.

And as my boss made me laugh by proving he knew the lyrics to ‘You don’t know you’re beautiful’, he also told us about the millions and millions of twitter followers that each member of One Direction has.


Now here’s my confession time… Last week me and Becca took some of our far-younger female friends to see the One Direction movie at the cinema. They really wanted to. We thought it would be funny. And we were secretly quite amused by it! 😉 

Those who know me know that I don’t really ‘do’ chart music, but even I haven’t been living in a cardboard box for the last 3 years. So, I may not have known the names of the One Direction band members, the lyrics, or the story… but there were plenty of familiar sounding songs!! 

But the thing that really comes through in the movie, above anything else, is the crazy-hilarious-dedicated-fans. Like, the thousands and thousands of sobbing, screaming, completely committed, teenage girls who span the nations and make it their life’s challenge to make these boys an international success. 

It’s absolutely mental to see. Yep, One Direction is 5 good-looking-able-to-sing-catchy-song-guys… But they have reached the lofty heights of global success… Because of their fans.

These (predominantly) girls who are so excited, in love with, touched by the impact of this band, that they will do anything to make them famous. They will give up time, money, and energy. They will wait for hours, queue for days and put everything into it.

And you know what? 

I was really challenged spiritually by this.

Hear me out.

Imagine if as Christians we got that excited about Jesus?

Just imagine if we were so excited, in love with and touched by the impact of Jesus in our lives that we would do anything to make Him famous? If we would give up time, money and energy? If we would wait and wait and keep waiting for Him?

Imagine if we would travel the world just for His Name’s sake? Imagine if we would learn the words to His song and allow them to change our hearts?

You know, that’s a challenge for me. Because He’s the ultimate. He’s the One true God. And if those teenage fans can go to the lengths they do for 1D… Then I want to be at least that crazy-in-love with Jesus.


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