Hamster survival…

My fake-but-not-really-so-fake little sister has a hamster.

A hamster called Buzz.

He’s kind of cute. Kind of. But also a bit weird looking if I’m honest. Bluntly, he has a really strange looking rear end. But the less said about that, the better!

Anyway, she’s had this hamster for about a year. And to start with, he was the best thing ever. Seriously. She would wake him up to play with him each day, she would clean him out 3 times a week, she would build him toys, she would check his food, refresh his water, and love him dearly. And this continued… For a while.

But recently, poor Buzz has… maybe, just been, a little bit… neglected. Just a little.

It’s been gradual. It’s been slow. But the other day his empty food bowl and water container testified to the fact that he might not be the centre-of-attention anymore. We caught the poor thing trying to get water out of mid-air in utter desperation and were able to intervene in ultimate hamster survival! 🙂

But, I remember being tested in hamster-survival myself as a teenager… I was just as bad at it.

And in reality, if I’m honest, perserverence is still one of the hardest lessons I have to learn.

Because it’s fine when everything is easy. And it’s fine when everything is exciting. But sometimes, it’s really hard. Sometimes we’re tested. Sometimes life and relationships and everything we’re called to… Is hard work. It’s effort.

And sustaining the effort, and the passion and the enthusiasm when it doesn’t feel good… Is a choice.

Like Buzz… Is a choice.

And I am praying that God would grow me in this area. That I would choose Him first each day. That I would choose to honour others. That I would choose to abide. That I would choose to serve. That I would choose love.

Because I am so struck that He chose me. When I didn’t deserve it, when I didn’t want it, when I didn’t realise it… He chose me. He rescued me. He forgave me. He made sure my water bottle was never empty. And He promised to never, ever leave.

Just like my almost-little-sister has responsibility for hamster survival, He took responsibility for Peta-survival… And He didn’t give up. He still doesn’t.

I wish I could be more like that.



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