Spiders and singing :)

So before I blog about today’s wonderful sermon, I need to share a particularly funny story from last night.

I got home at about 11pm, and pretty much went straight in and was asleep once my head hit the pillow. Until just after midnight. Where I was awakened by the screaming of one my my housemates. Like, epic screaming, followed by her running into my room shouting, ‘Peta, wake up! Peta, wake up!!’ at the top of her voice. I thought she was being attacked so I had that immediate shock to the system of being suddenly awake and not quite knowing where I was! 

So, I was up, I was ready… Until the point where she said… ‘…. There’s a spider…’ 

Seriously, I was awakened for a spider. It was pretty big. I guess.

I proudly caught it and deposited it out of the window. And went back to bed.

Until 20 minutes later. Where more screaming emerged… This time from the bathroom. 

I was again up and ready… To find my housemate standing on top of the toilet seat… Spider running around the floor in front of her. This time, I just flushed the spider away. 

And fortunately, the rest of the night was peacefully slept away. The rescue was complete. My housemate had gone from a screaming, frightened individual, to the calm, rational girl we know and love. 

And this morning’s sermon was on how God taking someone from a ‘sob’ to a ‘song’.


Habakkuk’s name means ’embrace’, a sense of drawing together. And he wanted to draw people to the heart of God.
The book reads a little bit like Habakkuk’s journal. And he has made his personal journal public because he loved the people.

To start with he is speaking and crying out to God about the injustice in society.
He has got a major concern about the state of the nation. He is a man with a burden. Habakkuk is most perplexed.

Are you concerned about the state of the nation? Are you concerned about the state of the church? We want to see the growth of churches and God’s Spirit moving in our communities.

But we aren’t meant to be carrying burdens alone. We have a burden to draw us into the purposes of God, but He carries us so we can stand strong.

The Lord answers Habakkuk. He is working in the background. Habakkuk thought God wasn’t listening, but He is always working. Habakkuk can’t see it, but God has been working things according to His own purposes. He is aware of hearts.

We need to enlarge our understanding of God. He is for us and not against us, but we need to be in His flow and His river.

In chapter 2 Habakkuk becomes a man with a vision. He is waiting and watching for what God will say and what God will do.

Do you wait on God?

And God speaks. The revelation is for an appointed time, but it is God’s timing. How do we respond to God in trial? How do we respond to God in the waiting? God has the key to unlock us into freedom. He can make light in the darkness, a river in the desert, a path in the wilderness. But we must guard our hearts and wait for Him.

Habakkuk writes down the vision. He wants to record and remember the promises of God.

What is your vision?

The just shall live by faith. Walking by unwavering faith is so important. We wait in faith.

Finally, in chapter 3, we have a man with a song. Habakkuk writes a psalm of praise.

Selah is a term that appears throughout the chapter. It is a musical term which means to pause.

It’s a petition for God’s mercy and action. Habakkuk is praying for restoration in his nation.

Then he remembers the past deliverance of the Lord. God is the same today.

And then at verse 17, there is Habakkuk’s choice to rejoice in the Lord. He sings to his Saviour. Singing is important. Praise is important. Our focus is on Him and His Spirit comes because He inhabits the praises of His people.

Habakkuk goes from a sob to a song. He chooses to praise. He chooses to wait. He chooses to trust.

My housemate went from a sob to a song because she was rescued from a spider. But we can spiritually and far-more-importantly go from a sob to a song because of our wonderful rescue by a beautiful God.

And that is reason to sing.


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