Blessings, rain and Leviticus.

Today felt like winter hit the Highlands. 

At 7.30am I was in my office, wooly denim jacket still wrapped tightly around my shoulders, trying to get our heating to kick in. The problem is that our offices are homed in a huge Victorian building that takes about 2 hours to heat up even once the heating has kicked in.

But, determined to focus on the many tasks in front of me, I began to crack on, with the vain hope that zealously using my mental energy would heat up my hands and feet.

I’m not sure it worked, but I did have an incredibly productive morning so there was obviously something in it 😉

So seminars planned, tea drunk, one-to-ones complete, 1pm hit and I felt that the day had been very fruitful. And very blessed.

Practical productivity had blessed me.

I then had an email from a non-Christian friend which shared the impact my faith and my testimony had had on them when we met last week. They said they could see that my faith in God was the only reason I had both arrived at the point I was at and would move forward into new seasons in the future. It was a reminder of the power of the testimony of Jesus. It was a reminder that God makes these relationships fruitful. And I was blessed.

Genuine friendship leading to people seeing the power of God had blessed me.

The power of testimony had blessed me.

And then the blustery Highland day led to the blustery Highland rain arriving. 

I sat in my pink office, which was now wonderfully warm, on a Skype call to my favourite person, watching the rain fall heavily outside. My office was cosy. The hundreds of books that it holds always make it feel like a second home, but definitely more so on days when you feel the need to hide from the weather. And as I took my lunch hour, studying Leviticus 2 on Skype, thinking about how the grain offering follows the burnt offering in the same way that our worship is a response to the sacrifice of Jesus. Remembering that just as grain would have been desperately hard to find and worth so much to the Israelites in the desert, so our worship should be costly and true and of great sacrifice. I was blessed.

Revelation from the Word had blessed me.

Conversations that touch my heart and my spirit had blessed me.

Being in a warm, cosy place instead of outside in the harsh elements had blessed me.

And as I finished my working day, I could only be thankful, that I was so loved, and so blessed.

Even in the rain. Even in the hard work. Even in the knowledge that I still have 14 commentaries on 1 Samuel to plough through this week.

God is so faithful.

And I am thankful 🙂


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