Visa application = one step closer!!

Today I finished my visa application documents!! Which feels like quite a major mile stone!!

The next step of course is to submit everything in person at the Japanese Embassy in Edinburgh, which I’ll do after I book my flights in the next couple of weeks, but it’s definitely one big step closer to having things in place. 

So, the first point of this blog today, is to say please pray for that process. Please pray it would go smoothly, that everything would be filled in correctly and that God’s hand will just remain over the practicalities and organisation.

Thank you!!

Today, I have also arrived home to find a giant BMW sitting on the drive; apparently my hire car for the next 3 days. It is big. And silver. And doesn’t look particularly fuel efficient. But, I’m sure it will get me to Blackpool and back.

Why Blackpool I hear you ask?

Well, I’m involved in a 60 year anniversary celebration of one of the funders I work closely with, and it’s being held at the Hilton in Blackpool. So truthfully, I won’t really be leaving the hotel a great deal.

I’m also involved in speaking at one of the events, so straight after writing this blog I am going to finalise the last bits of my talk and buy the necessary ingredients of a whistle and rolls of masking tape needed for the activity. Don’t ask. It should be a fun time to be honest… As these things often are.

So, the second point of this blog today is to ask you to pray for me on the drive, at the event and as I speak. That it would be quality time with God and friends and colleagues and that I would be sensitive to what He wants me to say in the midst of everything.

Thank you!

And tonight, I also need to continue researching in order to prepare to write my essay. I still have a long way to go.

So, the third and final point of this blog today is to ask for your prayers for this. I need to find more time than it feels like I have and get my head around some pretty heavy books. And whenever I am writing an essay that involves Biblical studies of some kind I know that my starting place must be praying for Holy Spirit’s inspiration and guidance. I don’t want to write an academic essay that doesn’t touch my heart and move me. The Word is so much more than that. So please pray that I would know His closeness and enabling as I research and write.

Thank you! And thank you again!

Your prayers make a lot of different, and I appreciate you all! 🙂


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