Chained to the Unchainable.

I have arrived in Blackpool!! Actually, I arrived a few hours ago, but a slightly longer-than-expected journey saw me head straight into a planning meeting for tomorrow and then into the first three-course-dinner of the many this conference is set to throw my way (thank goodness there is also a gym here!) It’s been so lovely to start the catch-ups, but right now, it’s almost 9pm and I am so ready for my bed!!

As fun as I’m sure it will be to blog about Blackpool, I will wait for tomorrow for that. Today, my thoughts and prayers and heart is dwelling instead on some key messages from a great Louie Giglio sermon I was listening to on my drive down today.

He was talking about being fearless in sharing the good news of Jesus. 

But he pulled out some points that totally encouraged and challenged me. 

This one in particular:

Out of brokenness comes fearlessness.

Say that to yourself.

Out of brokenness comes fearlessness.

It almost feels like is shouldn’t or couldn’t make sense. But it does. In God. Who uses the weak things of this world to shame the strong. And who redeems the broken parts of me to be used for His glory.

I was thinking as I was listening, about the times in my life where I have felt most broken. I was remembering how dark things had felt and how small hope was. And then I thought to now… Where everything that could be different is different. Because God has rescued. 

And in that, your whole perspective changes.

Mine did.

Mine has.

What can you take from someone who has already given everything?

When you have known what it is to give up, and then lived through God reaching in and lifting out and resurrecting you… It changes things.

I think when you have known total brokenness and hopelessness, and then been rescued, the small things start to feel very small. You fix your eyes on the Rescuer. Worldly ambitions, money, popularity… Those things that used to feel up there on the list… They fade away. What people think about you? Not so important. Being liked? Not so important. Being afraid of sharing testimony with man? Not so scary.

Because the Rescuer is also the Judge.

And brokenness often softens you to live before His eyes alone.

Out of the bow of brokenness, God launches the arrows of healing. 

That’s not nice and tidy. That’s God using the messy parts of me. 

But then, Jesus used a cross to save us, and that definitely wasn’t nice. Or tidy.

Fear of man chains us up. Fear of the past chains us up. Fear of the future chains us up.

But this thought is beautiful. Truly.

I’m already chained to the Unchainable Jesus.

I’m already chained to the Unchainable Jesus.

Wow. I cannot be a prisoner to fear… Because I am first and foremost a prisoner to Christ. I am His. And in being chained to Him I find my freedom from all things.

The only thing I’m afraid of is living an insignificant life in His eyes.

But remained chained to the One who is Unchainable means that this isn’t a possibility.

I am so thankful that He sees and knows all things. What a Saviour. What a Judge. What a Rescuer.


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