It’s always a good time :)

Be proud of me. Today I have read a lot of 1 Samuel commentaries. A lot.

To the point where tomorrow, the research is over and I am ready to start some serious writing. 

Thank you for your prayers… And I would really value them over this next week of writing. I’m learning a lot and geekily loving this research process, but pulling it all together is something I need Holy Spirit’s guidance in. And I love this passage more everytime I read it and really want to deepen my understanding.

And tonight, I have had the wonderful privilege of celebrating Lisa’s birthday with my favourite girls, eating a great deal of Indian food, laughing a lot, and having a great dance to some cheesy music. Perfect. Wonderful.

And after the meal, as we were paying the bill, our evening was made super-wonderful by the fact that the waiter gave us free lollipops. Yep. Lollipops. Like the kind that are normally saved for children under the age of 8. But tonight, they were given to us. For no reason, other than that this lovely waiter wanted to bless us. And we, having a rather childlike outlook on life, embraced this gift with full enthusiasm.

It reminded me of a particularly funny time as a teenager.

A time where I was on the team running the youth meetings at a Bible college conference. A conference with hundreds of people in attendance. 

And about a lollipop. A particular lollipop. That became a feature at this conference.

Because we began the rather unhygienic, only-at-a-youth-event type of challenge, of seeing how many people we could get to lick one lollipop over the course of 4 days. 

I know. It’s so gross. I look back now and can’t actually believe that we orchestrated something so gross.

I was number 3. That’s not so bad.

But I remember at least getting to 123 before the end of the conference.


Licking one lollipop.


Fortuately, no one got ill… That I know of! 😉

But lollipops remind me of this. And they remind me of the zeal with which we took up such a ludicrous and bizarre challenge. And the way that others got on board with a ludicrous and bizarre challenge. Just because.

And again, I thought about spreading the Gospel, and sharing the joy that we have as Christians, and loving deeply… And I thought that my prayer today is that the zeal, and motivation, and joy, that we have for the trivial… Would just be a foretaste of the zeal and motivation and joy we have for the eternally valuable.

So often we get distracted by the mundane. We get distracted. And in that, we take our gaze off Jesus and put it onto the lesser things of this world. But true joy is found in Him. And true peace. And a motivation that remains.

Oh Jesus, keep these little reminders coming to me through the everyday occurances that show me You’re heart.

We’re beautiful 😉


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