Singing like Hannah…

Those of you who follow my blog will know that I am currently working on a Masters assignment that’s looking at the Song of Hannah in 1 Samuel 2. Which is consuming a lot of my thoughts right now. And that I secretly feel I should be working on right now.

So this blog post, is going to be simply a few more thoughts on the Song of Hannah. Which I’m learning more and more about. And being more and more inspired by. And which is truly teaching me, that singing like Hannah, is something that I need to do more of in my life.

Because Hannah sings this psalm of praise to God. Directly to Him. She has just given back to God the precious gift that she so earnestly prayed to Him for. The gift of a son that He so graciously gave her. But she doesn’t sing just about her circumstances, she sings to God. Directly to Him.

People debate whether Hannah wrote this song herself, or whether she was using a more well known Israelite worship song, and putting her own words to it as well. I’m not sure that needs to be the main issue. Because what I do believe, is that Hannah expressed her praise and thanks to her Saviour, and her Healer and her Restorer, inspired by the Holy Spirit. She uses her personal testimony of what the Lord has done, and from that place prophetically speaks hope to the nation. This song isn’t just about Yahweh moving in her life, it is about His very character. It’s like she is literally saying, ‘Yahweh heard my cry, and lifted me… But why did I ever doubt He would? Because He is Yahweh, and that is what He loves to do. That is who He is.’

That’s a beautiful reflection isn’t it? Of course He lifts the needy from the ash-heap. He’s Yahweh. That’s what He loves to do.

Hannah sings of the rescue that God has granted to His people in the past. She speaks of Him as her ‘Rock’, using the same word as Moses in Deuteronomy 32; she speaks of God as exalting her ‘horn’, which is the same illustration used in Deuteronomy 33. Hannah sings about who God is. She focuses on the character of the One who she worships. She sings of His faithfulness. His holiness. His mightiness. His grace. His power. His sovereignty. Hannah also sings prophetically about the way God will redeem His people in the future. She looks forward to the true King. To Jesus.

And so, there’s so much richness in this text. And so much beauty in this song.

And I am inspired. To sing. To sing like Hannah.



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