You got me and Jesus…

The other night me and one of my housemate’s were reminiscing about the music of our teenage years. Like you do. Well, when you’re no longer in your teenage years…

Now, if you were part of a relatively ‘cool’ Christian circle in your tweens and teens, and were born somewhere between the years 1982 and 1993, the chances are that you will have fond memories of the music made by bands such as DC Talk and Relient K.

For me, with my slight teen preference for happy-punk music, Relient K definately ticked a huge box. So the other night, as we reminded ourselves of the lyrical genius of songs such as ‘Marilyn Manson ate my girlfriend…’ and ‘Let’s get emotional girls to all wear mood-rings…’ (DEEPLY spiritual of course ;)) we had a bit of a nostalgic, but yet slightly hilarious time. Becca also played me an absolute cracker of a cheesy-yet-strangely-wonderful-Christian song which boldly declared the chorus, ‘Someone loves you, even when you don’t think so, don’t you know, you got me and Jesus…’

You got me and Jesus.

I love that!!

I’m not sure how my teenage years survived without the discovery of Steller Kart.

I also not-so-secretly still love a good bit of cheesy music. Now, I’m a musician, so I appreciate a wide variety of musical genres. But I love music that lifts my eyes to focus on Jesus. And I love music that builds me spritually. And I love music that glorfies God. And on some days… Only a bit of happy, pop-style music will do! 😉

And we began to think about some of the young people we currently know or work with. Who are really into One Direction, or some other catchy-yet-cheesy worldwide pheonomena. And we wondered whether there were any current Christian alternatives.

(Ok, honestly, I was meant to be writing an essay, and you can see this conversation turned into a whole world of late night procrastination…)

Now I have A LOT of music on my iTunes, and I mean a lot; but one of the bands we did have a listen to in our search was the Desperation Next album, that’s been released by the kids/youth worship team at the same church as the more-well-known Desperation band. So, I downloaded a few tracks… And the simple truth (and simple, pop, tunes) has blessed me this week.

The song, ‘That’s How Great Your Love Is’, is in my head right now… The chorus sings out, ‘Higher than the highest star, though my eyes can’t see that far, deeper than the ocean’s roar, that’s how great Your love is. Faster than the lightning’s light, longer than both day and night, brighter than the morning sun, that’s how great Your love is’.

It’s so simple. Yet the reflection on how completely all encompassing the love of God actually is… that’s a beautiful one.

A line in the second verse really grabbed me, ‘If the wonders of the world were standing in a great big line, they could never measure all the love You said was mine’.

Think about that.

If all the treasure, and greatest wonders of the entire planet were lined up for you to look at in all their splendour and height and magnitude, it wouldn’t even come close to giving us a measurement of the abundant love that our Father God has already given us.

Nothing in this world can measure it.

Nothing in this world can compare to it.

Like the apostle Paul said, ‘I have counted in all LOSS compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord…’

I’ve weighed it up. I’ve counted the cost. And I know that nothing in this world can compare.

Not to Him. And not to all the love that He has poured out on us.

Cheesy music is great. Cheesy music that worships and praises and thanks God is better.


You got me and Jesus.



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