Let the ruins come to life…

Today has been a good day.

A day that encouraged my heart and my vision.

Really encouraged.

And a day that reminded me afresh of the reasons that I love working with young people.

Really love it.

I spent some of this afternoon with a guys that I have been running local youth work together with since I moved to Inverness, a guy who has a heart to see young people get to known Jesus, and a guy who always describes it as the fact that we ‘work in the trenches’ together. And we were metting with antoehr guy who is a complete inspiration to me, a guy who is seriously one of the wisest men I know, and a guy who also has a heart to see young people get to know Jesus in ways that go out to meet them where they’re at.

And we were talking about church planting, and community outreach, and what worship looked like for young people whose culture was so far away from our Sunday-tradition-2-hour-10.30-meeting.

It was one of those meetings that reminds me of what my heart’s total passion is.


And people.

Seeing Jesus find people.

Seeing the ruins come to life.

And as sad as I am to not be here to see what this whole church journey unfolds into moving into this next year, today inspired me, refocused me, and reminded me that above all the distractions that sometimes war against my mind, and heart and spirit, there is a greater purpose and a great battle. And it’s bigger than me… But it’s not in any way bigger than God. Who finds people. And changes people. And runs after people.

People are the only thing in this world that will last for eternity. We will live forever, every single person. And we will either live with God forever, or within Him. I long to see heaven full.

And that reminder refocuses me. Off myself. Off what people think about me. And onto the fact that if I am desperately in love with Jesus and desperately in love with the people His heart burns for, then I should not be distracted by the temporary but rather run towards the eternal.

I long to see the ruins come to life.

Because I know that He does. Image


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