What highlights your day?


It’s funny the things that can make a day into a bad one, a mediocre one or a really good one.

The often-small-things-that-can-feel-like-big-things.

Do you know what I mean?

Some days, everything is going amazingly well, but one little conversation, or one bad meeting, and it knocks your mood and your mind off where it should be.

Some days, it’s the hum-drum of everyday life that you just wish would have a moment of excitement burst into it.

And some days, like today, small-wonderful-little-moments, burst into an ok-ticking-along-day and make it into something special.

Today a few small things made it a lovely Friday. One of my colleagues brought me in a huge quantity of lime sherbet sweets and left them on my desk. I love it when people know you so well that they know it’s the really the little things that matter. I had quality time for an encouraging-yet-laugh-out-loud FaceTime catch up with Marcus. I love those conversations, that have the right combination of seriousness-silliness-and-realness to leave you encouraged, thankful and focused on God. I had (and am going right back to) some super productive essay-time. I love it when you know inspiration in studying the Word and clarity in writing about it to focus you on God and on learning about Him in a deeper way.

And in that meditation I was thinking about the things that can make a day into a bad one, a mediocre one or a really good one.


The often small-things-that-can-feel-like-big-things.

And the reality that the foundational, fixed point of truth and encouragement and vision in every single day, should be the place where I press in and hear from and worship the One who is worthy of all my time and all my attention and all my motivation. 

Because I am so thankful for days like today. And I am so thankful for the people in my life who love me and encourage me and who are there for me. So thankful. I am thankful for lime sweets and FaceTime and commentaries. 

But I am also challenged that regardless of whether it’s a day where my mood gets knocked, or a day where it’s hum-drum, or a day filled with wonderful-little-moments, all are days where God is worthy of it all, and worthy of all my praise, and worthy of all my worship, and worthy of being the one I choose to praise in every season of the soul.

And it is my prayer that this day, as in everyday, He would be the thing that highlights my day.

And that in His light, He would illuminate everything else and make all things beautiful.




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