To You I’m precious :)

Last night me and the girls joined with about 2000 other folk from around Scotland for the Jesus Culture event in Glasgow. Now, I love the music of Jesus Culture, but more than that, so much more than that, we met last night to worship the Name of Jesus and pray for our nation and the nations.

That was the sole purpose.

That was our heart's desire.

And I know that is a powerful and beautiful thing.

And as I said yesterday, Jesus was loved in Glasgow last night.


And the message last night was simple, encouraging and about being sent out. Sent out to lead from the right place and motivation. The core illustration was about the Father heart of God.

The Father heart.

The illustration of a Dad playing hide and seek with his children.

Because when a Dad plays hide and seek with his kids, his goal isn't to hide and not be found, his guide is to hide in order to be found.

He may hide, but he leaves clues to his location.

A leg sticking out from the sofa. An arm from behind to TV. A tree trunk that's too thin.

He is just waiting and wanting to be found and to be discovered.

To have that union with his children when they find him.

That's the point.

God wants us to chase Him but He is not hiding to be difficult.

He longs for us to seek Him, but that is so He can turn and embrace us.

He longs to sent us out from a place where we know Him, we have searched for Him, but He has turned and run towards us.

What security and love there is in that place.

And this morning, we joined with the wonderful church family at Gate Church in Dundee. And the message really followed on.

We were talking about turning.

About how God is asking us to turn. Repentance is turning away from sin and towards God.

Our hearts need to turn.

To turn your heart is simple. You just need to say, 'Yes God.'

We need to be willful unto the Lord.

We need to choose Him.

We need to choose to good things. The heart things.

If our hearts are right with God, then we seek peace and pursue it.

Let our hearts turn towards the King.

Let our hearts be subtle and soft.

The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

We have to choose to be aglow with the glory of God.

We need to read the Word, meditate on it, and allow it to bring about change in our hearts.

Because when we meet Him, everything changes.


And we need to know that our Father God has His hand upon us. And that He can turn our lives around for His glory.

He wrecks us for anything less.

When God Father's us, He leads us by the hand for His glory.

Trophies of His mercy.

Vessels of His glory.


What a place to go from. Healed. Whole. Forgiven. Redeemed. Turned. Known. Precious.





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