Brie, crackers, and thousands of words.

Today’s blog post is not-so-imaginatively-named. But it is quite accurate. Because as I sit here, I have the perfect essay-writing-accompaniment of brie and crackers, and I have thousands and thousands of words on my screen. Too many thousands of words to be honest. Five thousand too many thousands of words. But, I have cut two thousand already today, and the night is still young, productive and ready to be used in all focus!

I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere to be honest. Making sense of the pages and pages of notes, the mind-swirling-theory about why and when the book of 1 Samuel was written, and the bringing-it-back focus about the beautiful God Yahweh, who brings the whole purpose and reason together in His Sovereignty.

This morning I grabbed a few hours with God between 5 and 8am, and as I was going through my plans and hopes for the day, giving it over to Him, handing over my worries, my busy schedule, my emotions… I knew His Presence and His peace in a really deep way. I sang some worship, spent a good deal of time reading Isaiah, and just loving Jesus and who He is.

It was a great start to the day.

A beautiful time.

But the day was busy, and a bit emotional at points, and by the time I met a friend at the gym for a post-work-run, I was feeling a bit drained, and a bit exhausted. And not that ready to work of this essay.

So as I ran, I listened to some worship, and I brought my heart back into the place of my morning devotionals. Back to the feet of Jesus. I was listening to Kim and Skyler Smith’s album (which is stunning!), and these lyrics just grabbed me and brought me back into the reality of the love of Jesus and the energy and motivation of Holy Spirit.

On Christ the rock I place my heart

And trust in who You say You are

Nor circumstance that blows my way

Will ever move this solid place

On Christ the solid rock I stand

Leaving behind the fear of man

With Christ the truth I will agree

Forsaking lies that come to me.

Those lyrics are beautiful.

And refreshing in their Truth.

It reminded me of the promises I was reading and meditating on from Isaiah this morning. That the Lord is my security and my defender (Isaiah 54), that He invites me to come and is my joy (Isaiah 55), that the Light rises in the darkness (Isaiah 60), and that He gives beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61). These are so beautiful and so true.

And refreshing in their Truth.

And so now I sit here, essay ahead, brie and crackers aside, tea in hand, ready to go. Working from a place of rest, and knowing that God is enough.

As He always said He would be.



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