When you don’t want to cook… order Chinese!!

I’ve just got back home from a great day at work and a coffee-catch-up-date with a good friend.

Considering that it’s been a miserable-grey-rainy Scottish Highland day, laughing in meetings held in a warm office and then over Costa Coffee has been just what I needed.

It’s now almost 7pm. And for this evening’s activities… I am back on this essay! I know, I know, you’ll all be glad when it’s finished and I get something else to blog about. I’m on track to get it in for Friday so this is definitely a winning situation – thanks so much for the prayers that I know are making a huge difference. I am still learning and loving the Song of Hannah in a pretty huge way, and hearing Holy Spirit speak through my studies is actually the biggest motivation in all this.

My grey-Highland evening has also just been made considerably brighter by arriving home to find my house mate contemplating what to cook for dinner. After about 37 seconds joint deliberation, we decided that ordering a Chinese was a way better use of the evening than having to pop to Tesco and then slave away over a meal. I mean, I am still writing this essay afterall 😉

It should almost be one of life’s little unspoken rules: ‘When you don’t want to cook… order Chinese!’

Do you know the kind of little unspoken rules I’m talking about? I have a few if I think about it.

‘When you wake up in a bad mood… wear bright colours.’

‘When you feel a bit grumpy… go and have a cup of tea.’

‘When you go into a public toilet… leave a buffer cubicle between you and the person next to you.’ (Ok, maybe that’s just me…)

‘When you are on public transport before 9 in the morning… do not make conversations with strangers.’

‘When buttering your toast… DO NOT leave crumbs in the butter tub.’

And while on the toast subject, ‘When buttering your toast… butter it hot.’ (I don’t get these people who leave the toast to cool down. That’s just like having chewy bread. Weird.’

Ok. So I don’t actually do all them. But they are some that I can sympathise with.

And it got me thinking about the little unspoken rules that tend to become habits, that tend to influence our default position in day to day life. Because, they are pretty funny, pretty harmless unspoken rules. But spiritually speaking, I really want to cultivate the little unspoken rules that enable me to make the big choice and big changes that God would want me to make.

Like, ‘When starting your day… ALWAYS start with praise, from a place of praise.’

And, ‘When you don’t feel motivated to pray… remember that God is worth all the effort you could ever have.’

And, ‘When you feel annoyed/frustrated/stressed… love Him first, and others second and act accordingly.’

They’re habits, amongst others, that I want to become little unspoken rules that influence and impact and change.

I just want to be more like Jesus. Because everyday I realise, that I just love Him so much more.




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