Abundantly more…

I'm so glad it's Friday.

Super, super glad.

It's been a busy week, but submitting my essay today and finishing a pretty epic to-do list at work… It felt good.

Coming home to a house full of my best friends, a stack load of pizza, and a hefty amount of tasty snacks… That also felt good.

Thinking about a weekend ahead, one filled with breakfast, painting and worship… That makes me really excited.

It's good to rest. Rest in God. Rest with friends. Just rest.

Knowing the truth of a weekend being filled with abundantly more…

Yesterday I was running training for a group of colleagues in Perth. And it was a great day. Made really, really great when lunch arrived. Now, we don't normally order lunch in for training days, but my boss had made an exception for yesterday. And when it arrived… It was abundantly more.

Totally, abundantly more.

To be honest, we had more sandwiches and cake than we could eat. We actually had enough food to feed a small army.

And tonight, we did it again. We cooked… Abundantly more.

More than we could eat. More than we needed.

So I was thinking about this idea of having more. Of living in the abundance.

And like it does, it got me thinking about the love of God. And how it is abundantly more. Because He is abundantly more.

I was thinking about yesterday. We weren't expecting any lunch. We didn't normally get it. But when it arrived it was more than we could actually eat. It was extravagant. And we were thankful.

It reminded me of God's love. That I often don't expect and know I didn't deserve. But yet Jesus welcomes me to live in the reality of it. And when it arrives and surrounds, it is more than I could ever understand or comprehend. It is extravagant. And I am forever thankful.

I've been having some tough conversations with people over the last couple of weeks, and sometimes I think in the tough conversations, you forget about the focus of the important things that are the real centre and real focus. Like the abundant love of God. And His heart for the world. And the fact He is returning.

And over the last week, some of my friends and mentors have been encouraging me. Spurring me on. Speaking truth into my life. And focussing me back on the important things. I had an email off a wonderful friend and mentor and inspiration today, just saying that they were rejoicing with me in this season. And reminding me of my call to Japan and all God has been saying and doing. And I needed that. I was encouraged by it. And it was good to remember the bigger picture. The reality of God's abundant love and sovereign purpose.

Oh, and here was our lunch 😉



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