Roadtrips and Starbucks…

I just arrived in Newcastle! Now, Newcastle is quite frankly, a fair old 7-ish-hour drive from Inverness. And you are probably wondering why I'm here at all. But it is the not-chosen-by-me location of a national managers meeting we've all been called to tomorrow. So… Newcastle it is.

I actually made amazing time. I called into the Japanese Embassy in Edinburgh on the way down the road and thought I'd be there at least an hour doing some Visa stuff… But 10 minutes after arriving I was back on the road, having briefly met some lovely Japanese women who wanted to give me free pamphlets for every prefecture in Japan (please pray it continues to be this open!!)

People who know me can also be very impressed. I found the Embassy first time, parked right outside… I found my hotel in Newcastle first time, reverse parked in the tiny car park! It's amazing the things that bring a little joy to my day 🙂

My hotel is also ideally situated between a Starbucks and a Pizza Express. Seriously. I could not make this up if I tried. I feel like I'm on holiday. Except, you know, I'm in… Newcastle. And I have a full day of meetings tomorrow.

But what's been really blessing me today, is the little every-day opportunities to share Jesus with people. In the little every-day ways that just pop up. Like when meeting people in the Embassy and talking about 'Why Japan?' Like chatting to the hotel receptionist and her noticing something different about you. Like the guy serving you in Starbucks who knows how to make London Fogs and is wanting to have a not-so-serious conversation about with-or-without-caramel-syrup.

These are the little opportunities that I love. Because sometimes they open the doorway to friendship, to prayer, to a chance to share testimony. And sometimes they're just the little moments that mean you are one more Christian sharing a little, tiny bit of Jesus on someone's journey. There's a quote kicking around on Instagram right now that a few of my friends have shared that says something like, 'Your life as a Christian should make non-believers question their belief in God.' Wow. That's a huge challenge. Not what the Christians think, but what the world thinks? It's strange at work just now because I'm on the finishing-up-and-handing-over-phase of project management. I keep having 'the last' things… You know? The last budget meeting. The last business plan. The last health and safety audit… The fun stuff 😉 But what it does show me is that this amazing bunch of wonderful people I have worked with across the UK in these last 5 years… They notice. I keep getting emails about Japan. People keep asking about why I'm going. Friends who don't believe in God are suddenly wanting to know about the difference Jesus makes. And you know what two of my colleagues said to me the other day? No joke. 'Your life sometimes makes me want to become a Christian…'

Not because they want to sell up and go to Japan. Because they see the God who takes messy broken people and starts changing things into wild adventurous futures.

I was scrapbooking about this the other night.

So my challenge to you today is simple: Which little moments can you pause, listen to Holy Spirit and allow Him to use you in? Which little-but-big-in-eternity moments are there in front of you to let someone see your life and be wooed by the captivating God we serve? Because there will be some. There always are.

Love you all 🙂




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