Even miracles take a little time…

Last night was…. Interesting…I wasn’t in the greatest of moods to be perfectly honest.

The day had been… difficult. I was a bit sad. And what I really wanted to do was crawl under my duvet and hide from the world for a few hours. Maybe drink some tea. That was about all I could muster.

Unfortunately-that-became-fortunately, I had to work last night, so my plans for a pity-party were thwarted. A large local store was doing a huge fundraising night for the charity that I manage projects for. And that meant… It was fundraiser time!! As in, all the staff dressed in charity colours (note that lime green provokes interesting fancy dress choices, such as Shrek, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and a variety of lizard/snake/crocodile/slimy varients), we painted faces and anything else we could find, and then finished the evening by gunging said store manager (Shrek) and his Turtle-dressed-comrades in lime green paste.

I love the things that people will do for charity.

Their crazy and totally sacrificial actions show you something of how much they believe in a cause.

And in all honesty, it did me the world of good. I mean, who couldn’t smile when this craziness was going on:



Yep. That happened. Who couldn’t muster a smile?

Ok, so confession time for why this event really reminded me of some funny-childhood memories…

When I was a kid (like, a REALLY little kid)… I used to have the biggest crush on… One of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Please don’t ask me which one (although it was specific). Please don’t ask we why (because I genuinely don’t know). But I really, really did. My other favourite kid’s cartoon at the time was Thomas the Tank Engine, so I guess a human-behaving-fighter turtle, mentored by a giant rat, was a moderately better option for my first childhood crush.

So, not that I in any way still harbour a crush on a cartoon turtle… but I took a wonderful amount of humour in being photographed next to these wannabes! I knew God from a really young age, and I’m pretty sure I remember seriously praying, at about age 5, that I would one day marry a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Seriously. God must have laughed His socks off at that one.

It made me think that I’m really glad I can trust that God knows better than me, what my heart wants. Because I’m totally convinced it wasn’t really Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello or Raphael (just to improve my credibility, I had to wikipedia the names…) And there’s a serious point in that reflection too.

Which led me to the next event in my evening… My wonderful housemate and best friend making me tea and putting on Cinderella. As in, the original Disney. I know, I know… we really live the party lifestyle of girls in our 20s… But like I said, last night was a bit tough. And Gus the fat singing mouse was just the thing to finish off the evening well with. I think this was proven by the fact that I haven’t been sleeping well over this last 10 days… Until last night… When I slept for 8 hours straight. Cinderalla is clearly for the win!

Ok, so those random events made up my yesterday evening… So, from hilarious fundraising, childhood crushes and Disney… Where do we get to?

Well, we get to sacrifice-for-a-cause, God-knowing-better-than-our-hearts, happy-endings.

There’s a wonderful quote in Cinderella (there are many actually), where the fairy godmother has just appeared, and is about to set everything perfectly in motion, when she says these words:

Even miracles take a little time.

Now, I don’t think that’s always true. I believe in the power of God to work in instancy. But sometimes… Even miracles take a little time. It doesn’t make them any less miraculous. Sometimes it makes them moreso.

I was streaming the prayer room this morning as I often do in my morning prayer time, and I remembered some words that Misty Edwards once spoke in a preach. These hit me, deep inside, and encouraged me to fix my gaze on the right place.

You can always tell when people say ‘I love you’ if they meant it or not… He meant it.

He is Jesus.

Because this is the thing. Some people say they love you and there’s no sacrifice for the cause. Some people you earnestly think you love, but God knows greater than our hearts. But where do we find our ultimate and eternal happy ending? Right there, in the One who said it, meant it, finished, sealed it and owned it.

He sacrificed everything to be with me. He knew greater than my heart and loved me when I was a sinful mess. He saved me and loves me still. And He promises me a life where I am never alone and never purposeless, and an eternal future with Him forever. And when He said, ‘I love you’, He meant it. No doubt. No second-guess. He still bears the signs of that love, and He will do forever. The wounds on His hands and feet, and in His side. He bears the marks of never-failing-unending-unchanging-all-forgiving love.

And so sometimes miracles take a little time. But who can doubt a love like that? And who can doubt a God like Him?



2 thoughts on “Even miracles take a little time…

  1. Whatever happened to the child who was totally besotted by the little mermaid causing me to be able to sing the entire soundtrack on my journey home from Torquay
    J x

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