God is creative.

I cannot tell you how encouraged I was by church this morning. The worship was incredible, the message was powerful, and Holy Spirit was moving powerfully in the ministry time… But yet, I was also encouraged by more than that. Firstly, I got to sit with a woman I will be forever grateful for. She allowed me to live with her in a time when I had no where else to go. And this morning she was just the person I needed to see. Secondly, I got to listen to another woman preach that I will forever be grateful for. She spent an evening speaking truth and praying truth into me when I thought I could never move on after my marriage breakup because she'd walked the exact same journey. And this morning she was the person I needed to hear and see the visible anointing of God on. Thirdly, I got to be hugged and loved by one of my encouraging and beautiful girl-friends. And this morning, her joyful and affirming words were the ones I needed to take with me.

So, as I've both endeavoured and failed to record the second song I wanted to, just be encouraged by this message. It's a beautiful challenge.

God is preparing us for what is coming.

He is moving us towards something greater.

And if we respond then things change. We position ourselves for something different.

The Lord is opening a well.

And wells represent digging into the depths of God.

Unlike a paddling pool or a swimming pool, a well is deep. Continually deep.

Think about the layers of the ocean. The weight and the intensity of the water

We need to keep our courage.

Drop into the depths of God. As He deals with things in the depths of our being.

We don't want a season of wells. We want to live in that place.

We drown in the ocean. We die to self. We learn how to breath under water in Him.

To operate from the depths of the Kingdom.


Some of us have been in a long season of preparation. But it means we are ready. The fire isn't as scary when you have died to self.

If God calls you to prophecy something, He calls you to be the first to walk in it.

It's never about the finished product. It's about the journey. It's about what He wants to grow in us.


So there are wells and we are to go deeper… But what's in the wells?

What do we bring out into our own lives?

We bring the restoration of the practical and the mystical of God.

Jesus modelled the practical and the mystical together. He didn't just meet the physical needs, He healed people. He spoke in parables. He spoke prophetically.

In the well we must find the mystical of God.


There is a restoration of the creative DNA of God's people coming.

We have lost the understanding of what this means.

But creativity is a powerful weapon of the end times church.

Genesis 1 v 1 is the introduction of God's Word to us. It introduces Him.


There is a Biblical pattern. The first time things are mentioned in the Bible, the tone is set for the following revelation.

How we introduce ourselves is important.

And when God introduced Himself to us in the very first line of the Bible, what He chose to reveal about His character is very, very important. It's so important that He is Lord, or that He is love… But we do not begin here.

The very first part of His character that He chose to reveal to us in Scripture is Himself as Creator. And if He is Creator, He is creating, and He is creative.

We are created in His image. With His creative DNA.

It is a powerful weapon.


But what does this mean?

Most of the creativity in the world scream the message of the enemy. Think of Hollywood. Art. Music.

How influential is the church in the arena of creativity?

But if we have His DNA then something has been lost if we are not displaying this.

Creativity is the ability to transcend tradition patterns and create new patterns and forms.

It's imagination. Progression. Being a leader. An innovator.

Christians should be the most innovative people in the world.

This is the fire power that belongs to God's church. It doesn't belong to the world.

The Bible shows us that this creative DNA is for every area of our lives.

It's about solution. Ideas. Tapping into a divine flow to bring breakthrough.


This is our destiny. To tap into our limitless God.


Creativity is wisdom.

In Proverbs 8 the voice of wisdom takes on a persona. It is a core part of God's nature. And it tells us that when He created, wisdom was His delight. The first time we are told that God filled someone with His Spirit was when Moses led the children of Israel into the desert. And He tells Moses to build a creative, precise, and exact tabernacle. Moses was to create to the specification of God. And then He says that He had filled Bezalel with His Holy Spirit, and filled the artisans with wisdom. The creativity with wisdom produced the house of God. And God's Presence filled the temple.


Jesus modelled for us a creative lifestyle. He spoke in parables. He used creative language. God communicates to us in a highly creative ways. In dreams and visions and a language that we can understand so easily if we align ourselves with Him.


If we want to see revival in this nation we are going to have to remove our stumbling blocks.

We can't ask God for fire and then define what it looks like.

We must prepare ourselves as vessels.

It may not look like comfy slippers and familiar tradition.

Will we receive His choice of fire? Even when it is uncomfortable to us? Will we test it in the Word but run with what He is speaking in this day.




One thought on “God is creative.

  1. wow that part about wails really hit me because im taking a bible study called the confident heart through proverbs 31 and the chapter I just read was about wails and how God wants us to leave are jar of pain at the wail so he can fill it with his living water

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