Unapologetically girly…

This weekend is one being given to making the most of those moments that you want to remember.

And it has been and is completely and truly girly.

In the best possible way.

That I am completely and truly unapologetic for.


Here are some highlights:

1. Meeting new friends. Sharing life. Hearing mission stories. And laughing. A lot.

2. Discussing kanji with someone who speaks Mandarin… Ok, I'm a geek, but I find these kinds of conversations cool! And I love just hearing about a family who have given their lives for the people God has called them to.

3. Listening to Hillsong Young and Free at maximum volumes in the car. And dancing. In the car. There's something wonderful about singing worship as loud as you can with friends and the closest thing to little-sisters you'll ever have. Our roadtrips are the best. And I think Jesus is blessed by them.

4. Eating a great Dores breakfast. Quite frankly, always a win. I'm going to miss that French toast so much… And that Loch-Ness-view.

5. Shopping (I told you this was unapologetically girly…). And trying on some truly hideous-yet-hilarious outfits. But yet, still finding the perfect scarf. And Christmas leggings. And laughing. A lot.

6. Celebrating Movember in our own special way (the pictures say it all…)

7. Having a bit of a movie marathon that has you in stitches, but feels totally appropriate when the weather is a bit glum outside.

So, as the primary activity of this weekend has revolved around memory-making laughter, it's got me thinking afresh about the joy that God gives. That He keeps on giving. Not always because of, or despite our circumstances, but sometimes just above it all. The reality that in His Presence there is a fullness of joy that just pours over into everything else.

Because there can be a temptation, when you've been hurt, to retreat a little from others. To love a little less deeply. To invest a little less fully. To hope a little less in the idea of community. But that's never the place we were created to be. Because there's a deeper joy in restoration. A deeper fullness in the beauty that He can give after the ashes. A greater loveliness in the sound of laughter.

And my day has been sweet.

But, the sweetest part? Well, that wasn't in the list, because, to be honest, it comes in a list all of it's own. Time early this morning, alone with the Holy Spirit. Praying over Inverness in the beauty of the most exquisite sunrise. Praising God freely and asking for His vision. Celebrating His goodness and His promises through the Word. Sharing my heart with Him and bringing my requests for others before Him. Knowing His voice and His forgiveness and His newness. And beginning a day of joy, from the perspective of His Presence.

Which changes everything.

Thank You Jesus, for great days. And great people.

P.s. Becca, can you make it home soon to join this crazy party?!? 😉







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