Spud in the city.

So, today has been amazing.


I have laughed. So hard. And Katie (otherwise known as Spud to me still ;)) has been on the most comic form ever. We have made friends across Edinburgh (including our new BEST friend Wasabi!), eaten A LOT of food (including the hottest chilli sauce known to mankind), walked for miles and miles… And miles, caused chaos at Edinburgh market, viewed the castle at great length, been to the cinema, and crammed in as much as we possibly could into a one-day-time-period.


I also got an essay planned and half written on the early train down, so all in all I am just praising God for His blessings 🙂

Completely thankful.

But, one thing in Edinburgh has traumatised us. Just a little.

The public toilets. That all seem to cost 30p?!?? Seriously… What is with that?

Paying to pee?! I do not approve. Katie was so traumatized she actually shed a few tears.

So, as I'm running out of time before my last train home, my thought for the day is shortly and simply going to be about the cost of things. Because sometimes the cost is greater than we imagine… Sometimes.

Sometimes when we're following Jesus, it feels like the cost is greater than we first thought. It's hard to leave the comfortable things behind, even when we know it's what God wants. it feels like it is more than we expected.

But, when God calls, He provides. He equips. And He strengthens. And just like I had a plentiful supply of 10p's in my purse to get us through the necessary toilet trips of the day… The Holy Spirit never leaves us without what we need to walk the path He calls.

Short. Simple. True.

Oh, and this has been our day! 🙂





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