Created to walk on water.

Today I've been back down in Edinburgh for meetings. Which were fun and productive and the best kind of meetings. But I have to confess that up until last night… I seriously and totally thought my meetings were in Perth. It's a really good job I checked my diary before I set off at 6am!! A really good one. (Good job Peta, good job! ;))

And in the 7 hours of driving today, I have had space. Space for some great time of prayer and some great time with God. Just some really joyful, faith-filled, I-am-thankful-for time. Time that I loved. Which was really needed to be honest.

I have had a lot to pray for today.

In the last week some of my friends have become Christians, or come back to their faith in God. They need prayer for Holy Spirit to guard and guide and keep them. Some of my young people are in really desperate situations. They need a miracle that only God can give. A number of other friends have asked me to pray for some specific requests or breakthrough this week. And I am so desperate to see Jesus just bring healing and transformation into their lives in the way that I know He can do.

And I am bringing my own move-to-Japan-really-soon stuff to God too πŸ™‚

Today as I prayed I could only feel joy and hope rise. And thankfulness. Real thankfulness. Because I am so thankful that I have seen the complete-miracle of salvation this week, and seen hearts return to loving Jesus. And I am so thankful that I can love on the people God has called into my life. And I am thankful for some pretty precious friends to share life and this whole journey with… In the good and the bad times. Just to be real.

And I am starting to get really, really, really excited about Japan πŸ™‚

I love to pray.

I really do. I love to bring my heart before Him. And I love to listen to His voice speak back. To listen. I love the conversation. I love hearing His heart and His vision.

Today I have been focussing my time by praying and singing and thinking through the story where Peter walks on water. It's felt relevant to some of these situations. You know?

Peter, my namesake and one of my favourite Bible characters (because I just relate to him on so many levels…), is asked by Jesus to walk on the water. Jesus is performing a miracle right in front of the disciples, and He calls Peter out. And to start with, Peter locks eyes with Jesus and steps out in faith.

He gets out of the boat and walks, one step at a time. On top of the waves.

Amazing. Completely.

But then… The fear hits.

He sees the waves. He sees the storm. He sees that this all seems so crazy. And His eyes fall from Jesus.

And he begins to sink.

The fear takes hold.

But Jesus grabs ahold of him and says, 'Where is your faith?'

Where is your faith?

Sometimes, I'm like Peter in more ways than my name.

I hear the call of Jesus. I feel the faith rise. I step out. But then I see the waves. Then I see the storm. Then I see that this all seems so crazy. And my gaze, which is meant to be locked-eyes with Jesus, seems to fall.

And I begin to sink.

The fear takes hold.

But Jesus grabs ahold of me, and He looks me in the eyes, and He says, 'Peta. Where is your faith?'

Because here's the thing… He created us to walk upon the water.

He created these waters, whatever they may be, for us to walk on.

And that's a great thing to remember when wrestling in prayer.

Because the waves may seem big and the storm overwhelming… But we were created to lock eyes fast with Jesus and walk on the water. And the call of God may sometimes seem crazy in the eyes of the world… But we were created to grab ahold of the one who controls the torrents and contains the waters.

And He grabs ahold of us.

The hands that placed the stars in the cosmos grab ahold of us with a relentless strength and an unwavering grip.

I love Him so much. I can't get over the undeserved mercy that He pours down on us. He loves us so well.

So I'm praying in faith. Loving in faith. Walking in faith.

And with that, this thankful heart, is signing out for the day and heading to house-group πŸ™‚





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