Chubby Tuesday.

Ok, in order for the title of today’s blog post to make sense, I’m going to have to give you a little bit of background context to my week thus far…

This week is busy.

Really busy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I often have full weeks and normally they involve a day or two of travelling about the area. However, this one is a little more intense.

Yesterday I was in Aberdeen. Today I was in Perth. Tomorrow I am in Elgin. Thursday I am in Glasgow. Friday, I am finally back at my desk in Inverness. The week’s activities involve writing business plans, running groups with young people, chairing meetings and planning conferences. It’s just jam-packed. No other words.

Today it also snowed. Just to make driving around the country a little more interesting and risk-filled… 😉

(I do love my snow-driving! And I’m SO glad that this week I have great company for most of my jaunts!)

Anyway, this morning as I prepared to leave for the first snow-filled drive of the year, one of my house-mates shouted some great-and-much-needed-encouragement to me as I headed out the door, ‘Don’t worry it’s Chubby Tuesday… Tonight we can get Domino’s pizza’.

Yep. In my rush to get to Perth I had forgotten the fantastic news… That today… Is Chubby Tuesday.

The day where all forms of takeout become completely acceptable! And we can be chubby. Just because it’s Tuesday. (Please understand that we use the word ‘chubby’ in the most affectionate and positive way possible… Like a descriptive word for a cute hamster that’s eaten a little too much food, rather than anything negative…)

This was quite frankly, a win that kept me motivated throughout the entire day.

Let me explain.

Me and my really-cool-yet-secretly-a-little-bit-geeky (sorry girls, it’s the truth!) housemates named our days of the week.


We named them.

Like, we have a white-board in our kitchen with the days of the week written along the top to plan our joint schedule, and above that, we have our daily inspiration.

Movie Monday (I know, imaginative…)

Chubby Tuesday (For takeout-indulgant days.)

William Wednesday (It’s a long story…)

Thoughtful Thursday (When you are prompted to do something nice for someone else.)

Fun Friday (Just because… It’s the weekend!)

Spontaneous Saturday (Welcome to our world…)

Sleepy Sunday (The Sabbath is a day of rest after all :))

Does this confession make us cooler? I’m not entirely sure… But I am sure that it makes the weeks a little more entertaining. It means every day has a little-in-joke-of-purpose. A little glimmer of hope. A subtle hint of fun…. (I’ll stop now…)

And so, today is Tuesday. The day of great food.

Becca just downloaded the Domino’s App on her phone in preparation for some serious pizza ordering business.

And I was left mulling over what kind of spiritual point I could pull from our naming-the-days-of-the-week phenomenon. Because I think there is one.

Because it’s interesting to me how giving a day an articulated focus changes it. It does. This morning, I could have felt a bit stressed about driving in the snow, or a bit worried about chairing a meeting, or a bit tired about some of the tasks ahead… But because I remembered what day it was… I focused on the greater reality. That no matter what the day threw at me, I would get to eat pizza tonight. Simple. But true. That fact caused me to smile to myself on a few occasions. And it’s happened before. We’ve planned fun social events for a Friday, because that’s-what-we-do on a Friday. I’ve consciously made sure I’ve done everyone else’s washing up on a Thursday (and should make sure I do that even when it’s another day too!!). We have rest-filled Sunday afternoon’s whenever possible in order to refresh.

You get the picture.

Naming something. Speaking it out. Writing it down. It’s important.

And I am left challenged about what naming conventions I write over my life.

Because it’s funny to consider the quirky-in-jokes of my household. But it’s important to consider the things that motivate and guide and inspire my behaviour every single moment of every single hour of every single day.

Because no matter what my circumstance is throwing at me, in the good, the bad and the ugly, the greater reality is that I am first and foremost called to be a lover of Jesus. End of story. To love the Lord my God with all of my heart, and all of my soul, and all of my mind and all of my strength. That He is my vision and my guide.

I wrote a song last night (It should have been ‘Music Monday’!), and it was the outworking of some of my questions and struggles from this last season. I might record it these next few days. But it’s called, ‘You Define Me’. And it reminds me that this is all about Him and for Him and because of Him. All joy, all peace and all love. And, tonight, the blessing of pizza! 🙂

I’ll finish with the lyrics.

How do I define who I am, when it feels like I’ve only been building castles in sand?

How do I define who I’ll be, when everyone is quick to make judgements on what they see?

How do I define what is real, when my heart wars against me with emotions that I feel?

How do I define what will last, when pounding waves comes sweep away the things that made my past?


But You see me. Jesus You see.


You see the beauty in the ashes, You see the healing in the pain

You stand alone, the Rock unmoving, for those who fear Your Name

You are enthroned above the heavens, seated high above the circle of the earth

You reign forever, undefeated

And You define me


You see the praising in the sorrow, You see the light break through the night

You are the mighty resurrection, of the dreams I sacrifice

You see forgiveness from the depths of sin, Your blood speaks the final word

You reign forever, undefeated

And You define me.



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