Lord, make me like a Dores breakfast.

So since that epic-and-freezing-sleet-storm in November 2009 saw me and some friends take Saturday-morning-dog-walking-shelter next to the warm-open-fire of the Dores Inn, breakfast there has pretty much been a weekend (or day off) tradition. I go with friends. I go with family. I go with random visitors. I go with anyone who appreciates a good breakfast outing.

I worked out recently that I have eaten breakfast at the Dores in at least once a month for the past 4 years. Quite often, more than once a month. In fact, we estimate that I have been for breakfast at the Dores Inn over 100 times in my life.

That’s a lot of breakfasts. And a lot of great food. And a lot of laughs.

Oh Dores Inn, I will miss you in my life!!

I personally think breakfast is my favourite meal to go out for. It gets you up early on a day off. It normally involves a walk before or after. It means that you make the most of your time. It always involves good chat. It’s pretty much the forerunner of all other meals.

In fact, going out for a Dores breakfast is pretty much the forerunner of a great day.

Because a forerunner is something or someone that comes before something or someone else. Something that prepares the way.

And not in the foody-sense, but in the spiritual sense, I long to be a forerunner.

A forerunner.

Because like when John the Baptist was given a message that prepared the way for Jesus’ on-earth-ministry, I really believe that there’s a calling on our lives now as Christians, to speak and live out a message that prepares the way for the return of Jesus. Because He’s coming back. And there’s an urgency about living in the light of His return. And an urgency about the message of hope that He has given us for the world.

So, as I was eating my Dores breakfast this morning, I was thinking about the things that make it the forerunner of a fantastic Saturday. I was thinking about the things that it prepares me for. And I was thinking about how it’s relatable to my faith.

So here goes, 4 reasons that we should all pray to be more like breakfast! 😉

1. Going for breakfast stops me from being lazy and unproductive on my days off. It gets me out of my pyjamas and into the place where I can receive the sustainance that I need. Which reminds me that if I’m going to be a forerunner spiritually, I need to put the effort into positioning myself in the place where I can recieve from Holy Spirit. To press into Him in prayer, and fasting and time. To get out of my lazy-pyjama-mode and into my seeking God’s heart mode.

2. Eating a Dores breakfast is only made fantastical because of the company that join you on the excursion. It’s meant to be enjoyed with others, in an atmosphere of joy and mutual encouragement and open-fire-coziness. Which reminds me that if I’m going to be a forerunner and live my life in the light of Jesus’ returning, I need to remember that I’m not meant to run the journey alone. The church is this community of forerunners, of people who are running after Jesus with the zeal to spur each other forward and love each other deeply. We need other people.

3. Partaking in breakfast at Dores means that you step outside after eating it and find yourself enjoying some of the most spectacular scenery in the UK. You are looking right out over Loch Ness. And in every season, that is a stunning place to be. Which reminds me that if I’m going to be a forerunner, I need to pray that my eyes would be opened to the greater beauty of God. Because I long to be a prophet of beauty and one who speaks words of healing to a broken world. Which means I leave the place of encounter with God’s love, to go and encounter the world with God’s love.

4. Eating a great Dores breakfast at the start of my day means I talk about how good it was to everyone I meet for the rest of the day. And probably the week following. Which reminds me of the importance of giving away what is inside of us… Spiritually. Because being a forerunner means having a passion for Jesus that can’t be extinguished and longs to run hard until the end.

So today, my prayer is simple. Lord, make me like a Dores breakfast. Make me a forerunner. Make me someone who lives life in the light of Your return.

Oh, and today, our Dores breakfast experience was topped in a completely epic fashion when the Dores Inn had made DREAM RINGS for us to take away!! Like, oh MY word, DREAM RINGS!! And hey, because tomorrow is the first of December, me and the girls spent the rest of the day making ice cream floats and putting up our Christmas tree. I mean… You don’t really get Saturday’s a lot better than that! 😉





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