You make me brave.

So, I’ve been writing a tender in the office today… (Yep, this is another one of those I’m-taking-a-break-from-writing-to-do-even-more-writing-because-I’m-a-geek…) And the thing about writing tenders, is quite simply, that a great soundtrack makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable.

Because tenders involve pulling together thousands of words, and weaving proposals into feasibility studies, into Single Outcome Agreements, into statistics, into finance… But I seriously believe that great worship music makes tender-writing a blessed time. Today I’ve been writing, and singing, and writing, and singing, and… Well… worshipping. Through writing my tender.

Which I also think is one of the coolest parts of being in a relationship with Holy Spirit. That He can turn anything we’re doing into the most beautiful worship. And that we can know His overwhelming Presence even in the seemingly mundane, or boring, or ‘secular’ tasks of life.

Anyway, that’s not the point of today’s blog post.

Because the song that I have been listening to a few times today, that is my anthem for tender-writing, and my anthem for prayer, is a great song called ‘You Make Me Brave’ by Amanda Cook. Which if you haven’t heard, I really recommend you check out.

And maybe because I’m less than 3 weeks away from leaving my job, and leaving my house, and beginning my slightly nomadic-crazy-following-Jesus-next steps, this song has resonated in my heart today.

These are the lyrics:

So I will let You draw me out

Beyond the shore into Your grace

Champion of heaven

You made a way for all to enter in


You are for us

You are not against us

Champion of heaven

You made a way for all to enter in


You make me brave

You make me brave

You call me out beyond the shore into the waves

You make me brave

You make me brave

No fear can hinder now the promises You’ve made


We say ‘No’ to fear

We say ‘Yes’ to love

We will go with You

Where You’re leading us

You make me brave.

What a stunning declaration that we know who our God is.

You know, over the last four months I’ve had a number of similar-sounding conversations with a number of well-intentioned-individuals. They go along the lines of,

Anonymous person: So, I hear you’re moving to Japan?

Me: Yes, that’s right. I fly out on 26th January.

Anonymous person: So, how long are you moving out for? Do you speak the language?

Me: Well, I really feel God asking me to move there, so I’ll be moving indefinately… Until He says to move somewhere else. And I speak a little bit of the language, but that’s one of my priorities for the first couple of years I live there.

Anonymous person: But, don’t you have a good job? A house? A car? Aren’t you happy in your job? Why would you want to go to Japan? Are you sure God’s calling you? (Select one or more of the following…)

Me: Yes, I have a great job, and I love it. But it’s the right time to leave it. I sold my house already. I’m giving away my car. And Japan is a long story of heart burden, and work with young people, and belief that God is doing something special, and desire to serve… But I know that I know that I know that God is calling me there.

Anonymous person: But where will you live? Do you know anyone there? How will you earn money? Will you be able get a job that pays as well as the one you have in the UK? Is it really sensible to take career-break? You’re 28 years old, do you not just want to settle down and be comfortable? AREN’T YOU SCARED?!


And in the midst of all the hundreds of possible questions about where and why and how and finance and sacrifice… There’s the real question. We finally got there.

Aren’t you frightened?

Doesn’t leaving everything you know and moving half way round the world scare you?

And the thing is… I might not be the bravest, most adventurous person in the world… Not really. But I’m also not scared. Because He has made me brave. Does leaving things behind scare me? Well, no. Because following Him is better. Does giving up a position or influence scare me? Well, no. Because I would rather be great in the eyes of God than in the eyes of man. Does not knowing the exact outcome of my next steps scare me? Well, no. Because I’ve lived through life taking some turns you really didn’t expect, and found Him forever faithful. And He’s provided a house, and He’s providing friends and community, and He’s provided work… and I’m not really in this whole following-Jesus thing for the money! 😉 And in the eyes of the world this might be precisely the wrong time to take a ‘career break’… But honestly, it’s not a career break or a life break or a break at all. It is, as my whole life has been up this point, a following-where-God-is-leading thing. I don’t want to get promoted to the highest paying or highest status job on the planet. I want to please the heart of God. I know that one day I will stand before Him, and I want my life to count. In His eyes. So that I stand before Him sin forgiven, and life found valuable in the fire of His eyes. Because this world is temporary. But in Him is eternity.

Now don’t get me wrong. Not everyone is called to Japan. Not everyone is even called to a different country. You might be called to work in a shop, or a bank, or be a full-time Mum, or a barista, or a pilot. Whatever.

But to be brave?

We’re all called to be brave.

For Him.

To let Him make us brave.

And so that’s my prayer for me today. And that’s my prayer for you.

That He would make us brave.



8 thoughts on “You make me brave.

  1. Peta, first of all thank you for posting the lyrics to that song. I saw the song title posted on Bethels music FB posting yesterday as one of the songs in their Sunday set. I LOVED the title and wanted to get the song but couldn’t find it on iTunes. So again I googled it and your blog posting was the first listing. Then I read your blog and was so encouraged by your faith. My husband and I are making plans to relocate ourselves (within Us) and while we know HE is leading us it does not make sense to many. So we “cheer” you on from sunny California (for now). You go girl! Be blessed and may you supernaturally learn Japanese quickly. 🙂

  2. I just heard this song in church today and cannot find what album it’s on or let alone where to purchase or listen to this. Please help!! Thank you

  3. Hi! I was actually downloading the youtube version of You make me Brave and checking out the lyrics thru google, when i spotted your blog. I thought that this blog would give me the entire lyrics, but God purposedly allowed my eyes to choose yours instead. While reading, I only uttered “thank you Lord.” Im experiencing your situation now. I resigned from work last March 16, and giving up a 5digit salary (in the philippines, such digits are already high) amazed everybody. I resigned because my 4yr old son is about to enter nursery level this June. Ive been employed for more than 10yrs and I have devoted 90% of my time to my work. My friends, colleagues and superiors.. Even my parents tried to convince me not to leave my job and my position, their concern is.. How am I be able to give my child a better future if i’ll stop working. Im grateful to have a husband who’s also a Christian, and has been very supportive of me. Moving forward, i organized my online shop to help my husband financially while im at home. My fellow online sellers have helped me to find credible suppliers. 15days have passed, and no one could ever believe that we were able to survive without having a regular salary. My online shop says it all, and God provided everything. Again, people close to me kept on forcing me to find a job so we will be able to meet our needs. Well…thats their belief.

    Im writing this to express how blessed I am to be a child of God. He has embraced me with His mighty hands to be able to survive each day. God will meet our needs, all we have to do is Trust Him. He made me brave that despite of the secular beliefs and pressure, He covers my ears and eyes, He holds my hand.. So I could walk with Him peacefully and proclaim His greatness amidst of any situation.

  4. Thankyou peta for sharing this one. I got couraged by ur post. I got the same calling but in the different place. The place that I never visit and know before. But yes, like Abraham in women version. I just want to follow and do what He want to do through me. Again thanks. I thank God for u.

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