How are you at waiting?

My wonderful friend Laura is visiting this week. Now, despite never having actually lived in the same city as each other, me and Laura have been friends since I was about 16 years old. And although our respective cities have got further apart over the last few years, being in the same country has at least assured that we can see each other on a-couple-of-times-a-year-basis. So this trip marks the slight end of an era.

Laura is simply the kind of friend everyone needs in their life. When things were really tough for me a couple of months ago, I sent an email out to my much-treasured-prayer-partners, and in amongst all the wisdom and love and instruction that I recieved back in phone-calls and skypes and emails, Laura simply replied with, ‘I’m booking flights to see you’. No questions. No wait and see how you feel tomorrow. No let-me-check-my-schedule.

I’m booking flights.


You need me. I’m there.

Everyone needs friends like that. Real, lasting, deep friendships. Ones that are proved in the fire and tested in the trial and unwavering in their commitment. I am blessed to have more than a few friends who have left deeper imprints on my heart than I really deserve.

And I can honour Laura as one of them.

Laura also arrived bearing one of the greatest gifts EVER for me!

Because she knows that I’m travelling hundreds and hundreds of miles about the country this next month, soaking up all the time I can with the UK-based people that I love most… She gave me… A Polaroid Camera. And a stack of film.

Seriously sweet!

There’s something about Polaroids which are just so much fun. You don’t get two takes. You don’t get to delete the bad versions. You capture the moment-in-the-moment. Now, I’m a photo person. Because I’m a memory person. And I love to remember, and pray for, and invest in people. But Polaroids? They’re just old-school in the coolest possible way. They’re instantly in your hand in hard copy. They’re fun. 

And my favourite part?

Well, my favourite part isn’t posing for the photo, or taking the photo or even preparing for the photo…. It’s waiting for the photo to appear.

You know?

Because with Polaroids, you take this amazing shot, and the white square of photographic paper pops out of the camera, and then you gather round and wait in expectation for the image to appear. And slowly, the bright white fades away, and the outline breaks through, and the colours appear through the faded background.

It’s a beautiful process of formation.

That asks a question of us.

How are you at waiting?

Last night, I was with a couple of my fake-little-sisters, and they had never experienced a Polaroid Camera before (THAT made me feel old!)… And to be honest, they were funny, but not so great at the waiting. They were less of the sit-there-and-watch-the-picture-coming-through, and more like the shake-the-white-photo-and-try-and-make-the-image-miraculously-appear.

But the waiting is the best bit. It’s where the image is formed into the likeness it should have. It’s essential to the process.

Another thing that Laura has brought to our lives this week is the trend of changing your Facebook name to a Christmas-variety. Like, Laura’s name is normally Laura Rhian Davies… NOW, Laura Rhiandeer Davies. Hahaha! Brilliant.

She suggested that I go from Peta Waite, to Peta Wait-ing for Christmas!

Or that Becca go from Becca McGivern, to Becca McGivern-me-a-present!! (THAT’s my favourite!!)

Seriously… We could go on for hours here…

But it made me think about the things we do whilst we’re waiting for Christmas.

That same question.

How are you at waiting?

Some of us wait in expectation. We prepare. We change our names (;)). We eat our advent calendars. We decorate our houses. We fix our minds on Jesus. We enjoy the process. Some of us are impatient for the presents. And we want to countdown the days of December in the quickest way possible to get to the final day on our Advent calendar.

This is a season that presents us with a choice.

But I think that question is a really valuable one for all of us to consider. For me to consider. All the time.

How are you at waiting?

Because so often it feels like there’s a timelag or a delay between hearing the promises of God and seeing them in beautiful technicolour fulfillment.

But slowly, in the process, the bright white fades away, and the outline breaks through, and the colours appear through the faded background.

It’s a beautiful process of formation.

It’s our beautiful process of formation.

Because although we would all like to live in the completed and perfected promise today, the waiting is the really the best and most cruical bit of the journey. It’s where we are formed into the likeness we should have. It’s essential to the process.

Sometimes, if you’re like me, you’re a bit of a vision person. You have all these words and promises and hopes from God that you are praying for and into and about. Sometimes you feel like your holding all this unfulfilled promise inside and it’s almost bursting out of you. But this is the thing, we need to learn to love the waiting, and the process, and the journey. Because today God is forming in me and in us the character to handle what He has placed within us. And He is calling us to live today. To have His vision and His sight for the future, but to live today. To enjoy the process. To rest in the journey.

So, how am I at waiting?

Well, not all that great. But getting better. I’m learning. I’m growing. Slowly but surely.

Now, as Laura’s a photographer (did I mention you should check her out at!!), she also took a Christmas-card-perfect shot from our walk round the Narnia-inspired-islands last night. This is me and Becca. I love this. I love how I look almost as tall as Becca in this photo! (AND, I love that Becca’s another one of those amazing-one-in-a-million-type friends!)

So, my heart is happy. And thankful.




6 thoughts on “How are you at waiting?

  1. Hey Peta, thanks for another great post.

    This is a question I’ve been wrestling with the last few months as I wait to head out to Japan. I’ve definitely had the about-to-burst feeling and I’m also I’m learning to embrace the formation that waiting brings about. I kept waiting for an epiphany, a sort of “Oh, this is the lesson God wanted me to learn. This is why He made me wait.” moment. But I’m coming to think it’s more about God simply, and slowly forming me into the likeness of Jesus.

    Oh, and I don’t want to burst your bubble, but my pre-30 growth spurt didn’t happen so I wouldn’t hold out too much hope….

    1. Haha… But I am still the youthful age of 28 and a 1/2… Which means I have a whole 18 months to go! 😉

      Seriously though, I know this might have been a season of waiting for you, but I’m sure if we could see the real fruit God is bringing forth in the process, we would find patience a lot easier… and I for one am looking forward to seeing all God has planned for you in Japan!

  2. My beautiful friend, how I love reading your posts!! This one particularly spoke to me and the situation I am in right now. I wrestle with the art of waiting so much (God is being so patient in teaching me this lesson!). The image of waiting for the image to take form though really resonated in my heart, so thank you for sharing this.

    Can’t wait to see you over Christmas. Love you xxx

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