The road to somewhere.

It's been a fun 24 hours.

Really, really fun.

Last night was an evening of the MOST incredible food in the most beautiful house (Thank you SO much Brodie!), filled with some serious laugh-until-you-can't-breath moments with some of my favourite people. Today I had meetings in the very North of Scotland, and Laura and Becca joined me for the journey so we could have some Dornoch-and-Portmahonack stops on the way home.


24 hours of great laughter, great food, amusing photos, and the best kinds of conversations.

I am thankful to God for so many blessings. I am heart-full-to-brimming-thankful.

Now last night was also a classically-amusing journey. We kind of new where we were going. And we had been warned that the house was next to a field with sheep. But we also didn't expect it to be quite as rural as it ended up being. So we were following, and we were driving, and gradually we were hitting unfamiliar territory. But the road was wide and all was well. This was our view:

Nothing too scary.

But then we turned right at the road labelled something like 'Squirrel House'. (And I genuinely believe that anywhere that identifies a road by naming it after an animal-habitat is most definitely rural!) From this point the now single-track lane gradually got narrower and narrower. We saw some houses ahead. We were so sure they would be our destination…. But they weren't.

We kept going.

And the road became more track-like the further we went. The branches were closer in. The cattle grids were more frequent. We began to question whether we should have brought my 4×4. We began to throw the old if-this-were-a-horror-movie-and-our-cars-broke-down scenarios out there… 😉

It was an entertaining journey.

But do you know what?

The journey made the destination even more impressive. Because we were greeted by the most spectacular house we had ever seen. Inside and out. This place was seriously, seriously stunning! The log fire was on, the lights glowed warmly, the music was playing…

We immediately understood why the journey was worth it.

I mean, this is us totally stoked on arrival:

And the thing is, yesterday I blogged about waiting. About learning to recognise the purpose in the process. About trusting God.

And last night I had a bit of a real-life-in-action-experience of why the journey is worth it. Even when it's unexpected. Even when it's longer than you first thought. Even when it takes you down some narrower lanes than you had hoped and out of your comfort zone and leaves you wishing you'd brought a different vehicle… It's worth it. Because sometimes the journey makes us all the more ready to receive the promise. To embrace the destination. To see the fullness of all that our Heavenly Father has for us. To make us open-eyed-with-His-vision-thankful.

We had an amazing time last night. And it was topped off when we came outside to go home and looked up at the night sky. The pitch-black-star-shining-so-exquisitely night sky. Because the stars don't seem to shine that brightly in the comfort of the city. I mean, I know they do, but we can't see them. But when we are taken out into the wilderness, in the rural place, we look up and see the most gloriously created night sky in such clarity. And I really believe that's often why God has us on the journey. It's why He teaches us lessons and softens our heart in the wilderness. Because I am the girl who could watch the night sky for hours and never ever get bored (those of you who know me have probably experienced me driving my car into the middle of nowhere, leaving the engine running so I can sit on the warm bonnet and look at the stars as I spend some good prayer time in that spot), but spiritually, I also know that when I am on a journey of deepening trust in God, I see the beauty of Him in much more radiance. The gradual reality of Him changing my heart to be more like His.

And so I've been reminded, yet again, that I need to get better at this process thing. I'm learning, God. Slowly but surely! 😉

(On a practical level, even more impressive was the fact we even found our way home again. Definite score!)

Oh, and this was the rest of our evening. Yes, we had some pretty funny moments posing with the Redemption Hymnal last night… Who even knew these were still kicking about?!





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