Discovering you’re a Disney Princess… ;)

So last night I had one of the most bizarre cinematic experiences of my life.

Me and a couple of friends went to see ‘Frozen’ at the cinema… (Because, really, what puts you in the Christmas spirit like a good ol’ Disney film?)

Now, that in-and-of-itself wasn’t weird at all. What was slightly disconcerting was my unexpectedly-discovered-answer to the age-old-female-question of, ‘If you were a Disney princess, which one would you be?’

Because for some people that question is easy. (Like, Becca, with her hair that you could literally climb it’s that strong, is clearly Rapunzel. Or Lisa, is definitely Merida from ‘Brave’… You know? It’s easy!)

But for me, there’s never been an absolutely good fit.

Until yesterday.

When I had the totally bizarre experience of feeling like I was actually watching myself in animated form.


It began straight away. The opening scene of the movie shows the 5 year old, ginger-haired, Princess Anna, running into her sister’s room, hyperactively awake, and jumping on the bed shouting something like, ‘Wake up! It’s time to play. The sky is awake and so am I…’

At which point Becca (one of my housemates) lent over to me, straight-faced, wide-eyed, and whispered, ‘Peta… That is just like you in the mornings…’

She was being completely serious.

I am like that in the mornings.


We continued to share a number of humorous moments throughout the film… Because although I don’t have a sister with magical abilities (I’m an only child), nor have I been locked in a castle for 18 years (My houses have always been smaller), nor do I anticipate ever meeting a troll or a talking snowman (Although, you never know… Maybe in Japan?) … We couldn’t deny that if you were to create a cartoon character with my mannerisms, inability to cope with the cold, slight lack of common-sense, and seemingly insane optimism when it comes to a belief in people’s ability to change… Then Princess Anna, would be me.

But it’s funny how we like to classify ourselves.

I’ve been in management roles for a number of years now, and personality tests seem to re-emerge in a variety of formats in a variety of training. Strengths-finder tells me I’m a ‘Woo’, ‘Relater’ and ‘Strategist’, Lead Training defines me as a ‘Creative Yellow Swiggle’ with a hint of ‘Blue Square’, and the age-old Myers Briggs always concludes I’m ENFJ.

To be honest, they’re all pretty accurate.

If you’ve never forayed into the world of personality-tests, then I find the comic-geek versions of Myers Briggs even more insightful (Yes, I’ve been on training where we’ve had way too much time on our hands… Evidently! ;)) In Star Wars I would be Padme Amidala, in LOTR, Faramir, in Star Trek, Deanna Troy, in Harry Potter, Dumbledore and in The Hunger Games, Peeta Mellark.

Now… There’s some insight for you!! (And yes, I was delighted to be Peeta!)

I actually find these kinds of activities pretty entertaining, especially when you’re doing them with your team, and taking them with a slight pinch of salt.

I also find they raise some interesting reflections for me about God’s design.

About His design of us. His intricate, intended design of us.

His design that made us in His image.

All of us.

All personality types.

His design that calls forth the good fruit in us as we become more and more like Him. Changing to become more like Him.

Because I think self awareness is important. Being real. Being real about our strengths. Being real about our weaknesses. Being honest about our failures. Seeking His vision for our futures.

But I think self awareness, in the light of other-people-awareness, in the ultimate light of God-awareness is completely vital.

Because then I begin to really grasp some important truths.

I let it sink in that God made me uniquely me and uniquely purposeful. No one else can love Him like I can love Him. No part of me is a mistake. I’m still running towards Him. Still growing. And I can be confident in His love.

I take-to-heart that God made them uniquely them and uniquely purposeful. No one else can love Him like they can love Him. No part of them is a mistake. They’re still running towards Him. Still growing. They can be confident in His love.

I rest in the Truth that God is abundantly and completely whole and eternally perfect. Every personality type is made in His image and by His hand. He encompasses it all. No one else can love us like He can love us. No part of Him is darkness. We can be confident that He who began a good work in us will see in through to completion.

It’s amazing how accepting God’s love in the deepest way brings about the security to be who He made you to be. It’s incredible how that frees you to love and affirm others to genuinely to be all God made them to be.

Because we are His body. His building. His people.

Different. Unique. But placed where He would have us be.

As Steven Curtis-Chapman sings,

I can see the fingerprints of God, when I look at you…


So, ‘Frozen’ inspired my thoughts today…

And seriously, if you want a window into my personality, I think Princess Anna will probably give you a more valid insight than Myers Briggs! 😉






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