Simple thoughts. Busy days.

So today I have been visiting old friends (well, we're not actually that we're old, but we go back to our early teens so that's now a pretty long time), and enjoying the wonderful reality of catch-ups, cosy days inside, and a house full of children. It's funny, because my teen-experiences with this group involve a lot of crazy camping and conferences at the Bible College I lived at, some pretty tremendous laughter, and some plain out-there behaviour (like the year we got about 106 people to lick one lollipop. Don't ask). And it's funny how although so many things can change, humour and laughter and friendship really don't.

At the fullest-house-point today, there were 8 adults, and 6 kids under 5 in the house. It's been heart-warming. It's been fun. It's been full of encouraging conversation. There's been some hefty pizza eating. And I have had some great cuddles.

And I am thankful to have the time to begin the great catch ups that this Christmas period will bring.

I really am.

As I was driving through to Somerset this morning I was having some good prayer time, and I was so overwhelmed by how much love for Jesus filled my heart. I guess there's something about Christmas that makes you think afresh on the reality of John 1, that makes you try again to comprehend the incomprehensible reality of the incarnation, and that causes you to be so thankful for the plan of salvation that was always outworked in the heart of God.

Before I left first thing I was listening to worship as a read the Word and I journaled these words,

My relationship with Jesus is my great joy in this life. I am captivated by His eyes of fire. My conversation with Holy Spirit is the most important one of the day or night. My Daddy, my Heavenly Daddy fights for me. His love is stunning. I want to honour Him.

Which I guess is a good summary of my thoughts and my heart today 🙂

And because I want to talk mission some more with precious guys, I'm going to sign off for the night.

Oh, and my friend's beautiful 2 year old knows how to use an iPad… This was our selfie of the day 😉




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