I confess, I need You.

Yesterday I arrived in Bourne for a lovely evening with my parents and some older-than-I-am family friends (who, I must just pause to say, are some of the best people in the world, like, ever! This couple led my parents to Jesus before I was born, and then have had the hugest impact on my life for decades. I thank Jesus for them often and wish I could bottle their energy and passion for life!!)

This picture makes my heart so incredibly happy!

And this one… 😉

So today, post necessary breakfast-bacon-sandwich-time, I then drove through to the beautiful-land (slight sarcasm there ;)) of Skegness, for an amazing day with my parents, grandparents and uncle. More super blessings to be honest. Because I really love my family. And time with them is precious.

Check out these moments…

(Yes, I do know I am wearing pretty much all the colours of the rainbow in one splendid array…)

Anyway, that's enough photos…

Because as fun as my last 24 hours as been, that's not really the reflection of this blog.

Rather, my thoughts land here:

As I was driving to Bourne last night (another interesting journey filled with road closures…) I had this incredible beautiful part of the drive where I hit some rural scenery in the deepening darkness of evening, under the most stunningly clear sky I have seen in a long time. The stars were out in full exquisite beauty, and being an I-could-watch-the-night-sky-forever girl, this totally made me thankful for the Creator God who designed them.

I just wanted to praise.

Whenever I plan for a long drive, I always make a playlist for the journey (remember I am the girl with over 3000 songs on her iTunes…) But the worship that was playing for this part of my drive was so appropriately beautiful for helping me sing the praise of my heart.

So I praised.

And it's this praise that has been in my heart all day.

These are some really incredible songs… (which I would perhaps suggest you also consider listening to… ;))

Redemption by Kirstene Dimarco

Dance With Me by Jesus Culture

Mary's Song by Luke Wood

Great River Road by Jason Upton

Break the Chains by Misty Edwards (live version)

And so, I'm not going to recreate words today, I'm just going to share some of the praises that I used to express my love for Jesus with in the stunning drive of yesterday evening.

Enjoy 🙂

The darker the night, the brighter the day, the fiercer the fight, the stronger the faith, so I place my hope in You. The deeper the sin, the stronger the blood, the more to forgive, the more reason to love, so I place my trust in You. In Your ways oh God, redemption is so much better than perfection. (Kristene Dimarco)

Dance with me, oh, Lover of my soul, to the song of all songs… (Jesus Culture)

There's a question that's been hanging over my head, like a beautiful, frightening storm. And around it my whole life is formed. And the answer to this question haunts my thoughts sometimes, 'What are You worth Lord?' It burns in my mind. It burns in my mind. To the Pharisees, You were a liability, better off dead. To the Romans You were just another criminal, a convict who bled. Your friend Judas Iscariot, gained 30 pieces for Your head. But to that little girl in Bethany, You were everything. (Luke Wood)

Great river road where justice rolled, let it roll, let it roll down. Great river road where healing flowed, let it flow, let it flow down. (Jason Upton)

We humble ourselves in Your sight. We confess that there is no other hope. And we repent God for our wicked ways. I repent God for my double mindedness. My heart so prone to wander, so quickly to cling to another, I've been leaning on the wisdom of man, and I've been leaning on the lust of the flesh and I've been grieving the Holy Spirit, and now I fall face down, down, down and I repent. I tear my heart. I rip it open. All that I've been holding onto, when You are forgotten. I take my heart and willingly rip it open. For I only want to cling to You, I don't want to cling to another. I've been chasing all those other loves and I've forgotten You. Now I take my heart and I humble myself in Your sight. And I confess, I confess, I confess, I need You. (Misty Edwards)



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