Lessons from pretending to be a frog.

I have spent the last 2 hours of my life pretending to be a frog… And then a jaguar… And THEN a dog…

Which is part of the absolute delight of staying in a house with two particularly great and imaginative and slightly (ever-so-slightly) hyperactive girls under the age of 11 😉

So, today I have learned the following important life lessons:

1. It is possible to leapfrog the entire distance of the Reed kitchen in under 7 seconds. This saves you from the inevitable danger of the invisible-frog-eating-sharks that swim about the wooden floor.

2. Jaguars are the coolest animals in the world. Ever.

3. Pretending to be a dog means that you get to play that game where you eat chocolate without using your hands and feel totally justified for doing so. Well, I felt totally justified for doing so. Even though I now keep finding smushed-up chocolate on my face.

4. I am actually pretty nifty at getting down two flights of stairs on all fours. Because this is neccessary if you are a pretend-beagle. I only almost decked it once. This was quite impressive.

5. I really am a big kid. But I still think imagination is one of the greatest gifts that we grow out of in adulthood.

Now, don't get me wrong. Today hasn't all been playing games. Me and Becca are (delightfully) back to being roomies in this house and we might have *cough* perhaps spent two hours this morning chatting from our beds over giant mugs of tea, in our pyjamas, eating Tunnock's wafers for breakfast. I also made the most of the fact there's a great electric piano here… And I mean, New Year's Day doesn't really get a lot better than that combination, does it?! 😉 (Except it DOES, because Kayleigh is currently baking cake and making curry that smells so good I feel like I'm about to be in food-heaven…) I cannot tell you how much the incredible people that live in this house BLESS my socks off!!

So, anyway, what's the point of me telling you all this?

Well, there is one. Or five.

Because as I was doing my best kind of animal impressions and basically making an idiot of myself today, I was thinking about the lessons that we can apply to our faith. Because I think there are some.

1. Faith means you see things differently. Like seeing a kitchen as a shark-invested-adventure-zone waiting to be explored. It means that you see totally different things as being possible. Because when God opens our eyes to His vision, entirely different things are possible.

2. When you take the time to really look at things, you notice that some choices have potential you never noticed before. Like, I'd never really thought about being a jaguar before today. Turns out I was wrong. And it makes me really glad God doesn't overlook anyone. Because He has this incredibly all-encompassing gaze.

3. Life is to short to not have fun. I think God is so many awesome and wonderful things that the list would never end. But I also think He is fully joyful, and happy and fun. And I like to imagine that He laughs at me a little… I never want to miss that. Because I want to have a soberness about my sin that means I choose to live for righteousness, but also dance freely into the forgiveness of a Father who rejoices over me.

4. Sometimes God has enabled us to do things we've never even tried before. He's planted the seeds in us to call forth. It's back to the risk-taking. Often I want to have all the answers before I step out in faith… But really, all I need is God's affirmation that He will catch me and walk beside me and hold onto me where He calls.

5. I really am a big kid. Long may it continue. 🙂

I hope everyone's having a great start to 2014! We really are…





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