Pyjama days, glitter tattoos and breakfast in bed…

So today the New Year hilarity has continued…

Pyjama days, glitter tattoos and breakfast in bed. Later we are preparing for a VeggieTales party of rather epic proportions. It may even involve face paint. Seriously.

I have also continued to do a little bit of work, in and around being jumped on by animals and children.

My urban theology books are covered in mud, my clothes are covered in glitter, but my heart is happy. So happy.

I had planned to use today's blog post to start to ponder-about some of the concepts I'm preparing to explore at uni next week. However, in reality, I'm no where near ready enough to do that yet. I will be… Soon… But not quite today.

So today my reflections are instead on taking time with God.

Or on what He says when we do.

Because even in the beautiful-messiness of New Year celebrations, still, quiet time with God is just so totally precious. Yesterday I grabbed some time on the piano here… Just to sing. Just to praise. Just to be. This morning I was reading the Word in the stillness of the everyone-else-is-still-asleep time. Meditating on a few passages of Scripture, but knowing that Psalm 103 was gripping me afresh.

That the Lord is worthy of all my praise because of all He is.

That my praise should burst forth, uncontained, passionate, overflowing from the inside-out.

Because He is my Healer, my Saviour, my Redeemer, the forgiver of all my sin.

He crowns me with love and compassion. I love that. How can that single verse, applied in reality, not change absolutely everything?

There's just so much here.

He satisfies my soul. Completely. Abundantly. He knows what is best. He has this.

And so great is His love. So great is His compassion. So great is His mercy. I mean, how can we not sing out in response? How can we not dance in praise? How can we not give Him everything and all we are?

As the song goes, 'He loves us so well. It's better than I can even imagine.'

Because it is. His abundant love.

And so my heart-meditations are here. Even if my theology-study-brain is a bit fuzzy.

And to give you a bit of insight (although if you're my Facebook friend you may have been following some of this hilarity… ;), this is a photo of me and Murphy, the crazy dog…

This is a rather epic game of sleeping lions…
And this is a video of us practicing for our VeggieTales party… If it works…




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