Contemplations and conversations…

Wow. I can't actually believe that it's Thursday already. In all honesty, I can't believe that it's the 9th January already! I am sitting here, cup of tea in hand, planning a bit of a schedule for my next two Masters essays, and realising that I will be submitting them from Japan. Which I knew… I really did get that. But there's something about planning it out that makes you realise it in a whole new way.

I have now cancelled everything UK related… Which feels pretty big. And in writing.

My car insurance stops on 25th of January. My phone will stop working on 25th of January. The final aspects of my UK-specific life. Something about getting the confirmation letters for these things makes it feel very, very real.

That and the fact I've got to talk about Japan a lot today. As you'd expect, at Bible College, people are kind of interested… 😉

Which is exciting. And focuses me on the things that are on the radar for the next year. And let's me see all the things that God has already done and which I am thankful for. But also makes it very real that my UK life will soon be making the transition East.

I am thankful for conversations today. Real, listening to each other, dialoguing conversations. For friends. For guidance. For support. For people that I can listen to and learn from. For the mentors who have invested into me and believed in me and spoken into my life and my heart. I am thankful for growing and changing and not being the same person I was yesterday or last month or last year. I am thankful that I can share my testimony and talk about my experiences and know that Holy Spirit can use His story weaving through it all. It makes me all the more thankful that I am forgiven and that I have forgiven. It allows me to see freedom so beautifully.

We were doing some short contemplations on God this morning and I was struck on both occasions. The first by a vision of Jesus standing sovereign over the world. In my minds-eye I could see Him standing above a sharp cliff edge with the pounding waves beneath Him. It was such a turbulent scene, and yet radiating from Him was the deepest peace. And there was no fear in the picture but only the knowledge that the waves would only rage to the extent that He would allow. In the second contemplation my heart was still, but instead I could just hear the gentle words of God speaking. 'Be still. You are safe here. You can trust me. Always, you are safe here. Trust me.'

Which reminded me of that great postcard God directed me to in Japan on that prayer walk where I felt such uncertainty… Because it's true. He holds it all. And with Him I am perfectly safe. Always.

And that simply… Is where my head and heart are right now 🙂




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