Fly away grumpy day!

As I sit surrounded by a beautiful combination a spinach pasta, garlic bread and quality tea… I am thankful for another lovely day.

Admission time: I really was grumpy this morning. I'm not even kidding you! And I don't even have an excuse. I just woke up feeling tired, a bit disgruntled and, well, grumpy…

I was even still grumpy on my walk to college (this morning, the rain really didn't help!)

And ironically, today was the day I was taking the worship time for my class. Just before lunch. So my really unarticulate prayer throughout the morning went something like, 'Holy Spirit, I don't even know why I'm so grumpy today… But I really don't want to be, and if You could please change my heart before I have to take this 30 minute worship-slot, that would be super-great!'


But you know? God answered that prayer in a beautifully-surprising way. Because on our 10.30 break, I went down to buy some Earl Grey (grumpy hat still firmly on), and I ran into a wonderful friend of mine. Like literally, I had wanted to see her before I left for Japan, and she used to be a student at the Bible College a couple of years ago… And today she 'just happened' to come by the college to use the library, and 'just happened' to be in the common room when I needed a friendly face (grumpy hat off!) I actually don't even think she realised how delighted I was to get a hug and have some good time to chat about all-things-Asia. Because it just lifted my heart, my focus and my gaze back up to Jesus. Which is just what I needed.

God knew. (Like, duh!! Right?!)

Now last night another beautiful friend of mine made my week sparkle. Because she had sent me a parcel just after Christmas, but because I've been sprinting about the UK, it only arrived with me yesterday. And I opened it to find a beautiful necklace with a pendant of a flying bird on it. And her note simply said, 'I couldn't but think of you when I saw this – a precious bird in flight, gently fluttering in the presence of Jesus.'

Yep. I know. That's one to bring on the happy-tears. I have the best friends!

But it was more amazing than just that and also an answer to prayer. Because I'd been praying this week about what to share or bring in the worship time. I've got a 'reputation' for doing something artistic and getting people drawing or being creative, but that just hadn't felt right. And I'd been mulling over sharing a vision that God had given me about my life being like a little bird. (I actually blogged about it here if you're interested -> But I'd really prayed on Monday night, 'God, if You want me to share this, then please just let me know… Because I don't mind sharing pictures or visions, but I'm keen to not just follow my own ideas in this.'

And then I came back to my hotel last night and felt that in God's timings, He'd really used this gift arriving to bring peace about sharing something of the resurrection power of Jesus in our lives.

So, lunchtime came and my grump was thankfully lifted.

And actually, I was truly thankful that God had used two of my precious friends to answer prayers in ways that they had no idea about.

So, I could blog about urban theology, but I actually don't feel the need to today.

Because today, I am just thankful that the light of our beautiful Saviour breaks through. He hears us. Even when it seems so small to us, He still hears us.

And His timings are just wonderful!



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