A lil’ new update…

So as the title suggests, this is just a lil' update to thank you all for your prayers today. On a personal level, I've just finished my second seminar… (The first was on working as a Christian in a non Christian environment, and the second was on youth unemployment… Obviously, this is me so they were a bit more fun and random than that… ;)) But thank you for praying for me. Really, really thanks!! We had some fun and got pretty excited about the Holy Spirit.

And on another level, the whole conference is just going really well! Danielle Strickland is our main speaker this weekend and the message she spoke this morning was just such a wonderful proclamation of truth. I'll blog some content-type stuff when I have more time next week, but she told this amazing story today about girls in prostitution in Tokyo being rescued by Salvation Army missionaries in Japan in the early 1900s that was just the maddest thing, and pretty thematical πŸ˜‰

So… Right now there is a fierce game of uno going on infront of me, I have already got to catch up with the most wonderful people, old friends and absolute legends, and I have now been labelled a 'custard hound' due to the fact that I almost ran to the dessert counter at lunch… For, you know, a bowl of custard. Like you do.

Right, that's me.

Jesus is so beautiful.



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