Let the eating begin…

You’ll all be pleased to know that we successfully found our apartment last night, and managed to (eventually) get all of our luggage up the stairs and happily unpacked. There was a little bit of drama caused by the fact that I *cough* lost the email with the address of our flat on it. And our keys had a slightly un-readable address on them. So then we *might* have almost tried to get into the wrong apartment because we thought the ‘4’ was a ‘7’… Ok, ok, it goes on and on… But we eventually got in, unpacked and successfully ordered Chinese food.

Which has pretty much begun a great 24 hours of eating some of the greatest food we could find in Edinburgh. (Intermingled with a stop at the National Museum of Scotland to see the Kabuki display… thanks Becca!)

Frozen yogurt. Score. Turkish Meze. Even bigger score. Oh my, I am so incredibly glad that Andrea knows this area (and fantastic hidden-gem restaurants) like the back of her hand! I am full, and I am happy!



Now I really, really love Turkish food. I love falafel. Feta cheese and spinach parcels rock my world. I could pretty much live on halloumi cheese and pita bread if I had to. This restaurant ticked all my boxes in a major way. Seriously.

It was this little restaurant, with this little door that would have been easy to overlook on one of Edinburgh’s many side streets. But inside was this most beautifully decorated space, filled with mouth watering food, perfect cups of tea, and the space to laugh and catch up and relax. I hadn’t really thought a lot about where we were going to eat dinner, but if I had held expectations then this place would have exceeded all of them.

But, the thing is, it would have been easy to walk straight past it. To be in such a hurry to get somewhere that you missed it. To be walking so fast, head down, that you never even noticed it was there.

Yet inside was this… space. Beautiful space.

It reminded me about the way I sometimes am with the love of God.

If I’m really, really, real about it.

Over this last weekend, a phrase that Danielle Strickland kept using when talking about the love of God was comparing His love to a boundless ocean. And it’s true. I mean, just read passages like Ephesians 3 (or, the whole of Ephesians to be honest!) God’s love for us is boundless. It is deep. It is this invitation to enter into beautiful space, filled with more real joy and real delight and real peace than we could ever comprehend. Like Psalm 16 says, ‘In Your Presence there is fullness of joy, in Your right hand there are pleasures evermore…’

But yet, sometimes I walk past the door inviting me to enter in. I get so busy. So set on my own destination. So focussed on what I can see in front of me. So… distracted…

And God’s love is still there. More boundless than the oceans of the world.

But I live like it’s a trickle.

Tired and wearily doing things in my own strength instead of in the overflow.

Because I don’t give Him the time and space to enter in. I don’t position myself to see. To recieve. To live open handed. To rest. To allow wave after wave after wave to wash over me in beautiful truth. This ferocious love, stronger than the grave and more powerful than anything else in the cosmos.

So, that’s where my thoughts land tonight.

And I am thankful for so many things.

But especially His love.

Here are some more snaps from today… 🙂













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