‘The Fallen One’

So, I was just starting to formulate some ideas for today's blog… When a great friend of mine sent me a short story that they'd written. That they'd written to encourage me. Seriously, is that not the coolest thing ever?! And oh boy, it really, really did. Encourage me.

I read this like, 5 times through straight off, and was more and more joy-filled each time.

My heart is HAPPY!

So I'm just going to blog what they've written. Because I can't write anything better. And this really speaks for itself.

I hope you are as encouraged as me!

The doors to the throne room crashed open. He had that determined gaze and unfaltering stride that told everyone what had happened. A Fallen One had been spotted. He didn’t hesitate as he reached the step off point. He knew that there was no time to waste. When a Fallen One was reported it required immediate interception. Father had sent him and so he would go.

Down he flew. Within seconds he was on earth. He paused, crouched, listening. He would have to get within range without being seen. That was crucial. Fallen Ones were notoriously unpredictable if startled. He calmed his heartbeat. He should be used to this feeling by now – he had gone after Fallen Ones countless times, though he remembered each one – but the sense of excitement never ceased.

Silently but quickly he moved through the undergrowth, drawing nearer, following his finely tuned sense. Then he caught a glimpse. It was there, in the middle of a clearing, so far unaware of his presence. He had to act now.

With speed unexpected for his size he moved. Two strides and he was within range. His mighty right arm shot out and he had it in his grasp. And once Gabriel had his fists around you, that was it.

“I have the Fallen One.” He called out, glancing heavenward. And then he lowered his gaze.

“Do not be afraid.” He whispered as his left hand moved in to smooth the ruffled feathers of the sparrow. “You’re safe now, little one.”

Smiling, he lifted the bird back to its nest. A final kiss on the forehead – technically not part of protocol, but Father never complained. Then he took a step back. “Let me show you how it’s done in the big leagues,” he laughed as his own wings extended, the filling the clearing with bright thunder. And then he was gone. But not far.

Oh, and I had a final UK haircut today… This is the wonderful handiwork of an Edinburgh stylist…



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