5 Things I’m Praying For My Friend As She Moves Out To Japan

Really can’t ask for prayer more articulately than this! Thanks Levi!

Reversed Thunder

My good friend Peta will shortly be touching down in Sapporo to stay in Japan for about a year. She has a pretty cool blog that you should check out – beautifulsilliness.wordpress.com – which will explain who she is much better than I could.

She also has the most crazy fashion-sense in the universe. This is her being restrained.

Anyway, so here’s the 5 things that I’m praying for her.

A Sharp Mind

Forget Godzilla. The language is the toughest thing in Japan. Understanding it requires a sharp mind.

And it’s not just vocab and grammar that tax your brain. Understanding and remembering all the non-verbal cues, working out when to use which level of politeness,  the crazed mumblings of old Japanese men… communicating in Japan is like eating wasabi: it blows your mind!

And that’s without touching on acclimatizing to a whole new culture.

Now Peta is a world-class nerd and…

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