A seriously great video…

So… My seriously wonderful friend Levi, just made this seriously brilliant and seriously Jesus-honouring video, showing his seriously inspirational heart for Japan. Which I seriously and wholeheartedly recommend that you ALL watch.

And actually, not just watch, but pray (on your knees pray) and seek (with your heart and mind seek) and give (like sacrificially give) and join (because the need is so big) and spread the word (because the message isn’t well known) and generally be prompted by Holy Spirit in (because He’s the reason for this whole deal)…

Because Jesus seriously loves Japan. And Japan seriously needs Jesus.

And Levi? I know this guy, and believe me… He’s one of the best.

You get my general message here… 😉

Be encouraged people!!

(Actually, I again really recommend checking out Levi’s blog, which you will find at reversedthunder.wordpress.com and really pray about all those support options… Seriously. )


2 thoughts on “A seriously great video…

  1. Just to point out I didn’t actually make the video. The awesome media dudes from OMF did. I just sat and tried not to look at the camera whilst talking (much harder than you think!).

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