The spiritual point of pancakes.

I'm grabbing a quick 15 minute to sit and drink a cup of milk-tea in the cutest little organic pancake cafe Sapporo has to offer.

I might also eat some pancakes.

To put this into context…

I'm trying to be on my way to a friend's birthday party. I'm a bit at a loss as to where it is.

But I'm coming straight from having a pretty crazy-eccentric meal with Kayoko and her friend's from High School (that's some seriously long 55-year-friendships!)

Today has also involved an afternoon of a teaching English and a morning attending a 'Cultural Change in Hokkaido' conference with one of my new professor friends.

So my 15 minute pancake and tea break is a pit stop to catch my breath and recharge my brain. Right now, I'm so language-tired that my already-limited Japanese is failing me to the point where I could only just tell the waiter my order. And he may or may not have been able to understand me.

It's also entertaining me a little bit that I am completely over dressed to be sitting in this particular cafe. Like, completely.

I am in a dress suitable to wear to a meal with eleven 70-or-so year old individuals. And a dress coat. And heels.

I look posh.

And I'm getting excited about pancakes.

In fact. Hold that thought. I'm typing in real time and they just arrived.

Check out this for a pudding…


I don't really think the picture does them justice. Turns out my order worked out ok… ๐Ÿ˜‰

And as I've just eaten a combination of squid, tofu and other such healthy stuff for my dinner I feel remarkably ok about consuming them…

So remarkably ok that they're going to be the subject of today's blog. Because you know, this last month my blog has been lacking in random spiritual parallels about my food consumption and I know you're all devastatingly-sad about it.

So my pancakes (yes, I'm going here. This is happening…) are focussing my meditations on God right now in 3 ways.

And I know you're dying to know what they are..

1) Theses pancakes are way bigger and way more than I imagined. You know? Like, I thought there'd be a couple of pretty tiny American pancakes sitting in the middle of my plate like you normally get in the UK supermarkets. But no. I have a dinner plate twice the size of my head, full to bursting with more doughy-goodness than I could have ever asked for. I've stopped half way through to write a bit more of this blog and I. Am. Stuffed.

It reminds me of the boundless nature of a God that I will never be able to comprehend in His beautiful fullness. He is more. So much more. One encounter with Him changes everything forever. A glimpse of His heart and His love shifts the entire reality of life in a way that means we will never be the same. This salvation journey He invites us on is just… Wow. It's just wow.

2) My pancakes have so many flavours going on right now that it's kind of like a taste and colour explosion. Which is frankly, pretty cool. I have pancakes, banana, almond, strawberry, chocolate brownie, caramel sauce, raisin ice cream and a mint sprig. You might as well admit you feel a little bit jealous. I say this with total reverence, but if Holy Spirit were to be represented by a creative dessert, I think this might be coming pretty close.

It reminds me of the beauty and creativity and variety of Holy Spirit, my closest companion and best friend. The One who taught me how to fly in technicolor again. To only One who can redeem us from what was ugly and broken and potentialess and transform us into his likeness, calling forth the radiant fruit that bears His name.

3. I'm totally food-satisfied right now. This could have perhaps been one of the best dessert experiences to ever literally-rock my taste buds.

Which reminds me that God satisfies me completely. In a totally-more-important-than-food-reality, He is all I want and all I seek and in Him my every desire and need is totally and completely and awesomely satisfied. He is more than enough.

We were studying Luke 15 in house group last night and actually, these thoughts were my prayer of thankfulness as I got home. The pancakes just emphasised things now in my weird foodie brain.

Because reading Luke 15 leaves me overwhelmed.

It leaves me going, 'If that's really true, and if the Lord truly loves me in a way that leaves the 99 to find the one, or searches the house for the tiny lost coin, or runs the dirt path to embrace the shamed son… Then that changes… Everything.'


Because that's a bigger love than I could ask for of imagine. That's a crazy, colourful beauty that stuns me with it's radiance. That's the Creator of the Universe pouring all of Himself into me, despite my unworthiness, in a way that satisfies my soul. And overflows in every possible way.

His love is truly an ocean.

And my world-class pancakes have a very spiritual point… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh, so tonight I also taught Kayoko how to take selfies and other photos on my iPad. These are hilarious!

I love this lady!





5 thoughts on “The spiritual point of pancakes.

      1. Yes, whatever I do, you pray you do the exact opposite – U iz wise beyond your years! and wiser than you know ๐Ÿ™‚

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