Jesus is risen.

I've just got in from our school's launch party, celebrating the combination of all the language learning opportunties we offer into one great, new, beautiful, amazingly-designed building.

It's just been this completely laughter filled, joyful, evening, complete with singing (yes, I did actually perform, amongst other songs, a cover of 'Umbrella'… where my friend Arthur danced… with a real life umbrella…), great food, bilingual conversation, and super quality time with super quality people.

We had an absolute blast.

But right now, as for me the evening comes to a close, the quiet-closing-meditations of my heart are actually brimming-over-with-thankfulness for a whole other reason.

Because tomorrow is Easter.

And Jesus is risen.




And that truth is more beautiful and stunning and cosmos-shaking that anything and everything this world could ever offer.

Because when I was lost in my nothingness and my sinfulness He died for me, did everything to be close to me, took my griefs and my sorrows and paid for my wrongdoing with His own precious blood. He conquered death. He came back to life. And because of that I have a hope and a future that starts now and never-ever ends.

He secured my love by laying down His life and there is none more beautiful, none more worthy and none more radiant than Him.


He is the Mighty Redeemer.

He is the King of heaven.






This is Jesus in His glory.

Clothed in majesty and splendour as the victorious warrior who won us back to Himself.

This is Jesus in His glory.

This risen-because-death-couldn't-hold-Him Jesus.

This bursting-forth-in-glorious-day-new-life Jesus.

This the-tomb-is-empty-because-He-is-alive Jesus.




This is Jesus in His glory.

I love Him. With all I am and all I could ever be.

He is worthy of it all.

He is not here; He has risen, just as He said. Matthew 28 v 6.


So here are some photos from this evening. Some are courtesy of my amazing friend Ayumi, who took some hilarious shots whilst I was playing. But, please, in the rejoicing with me, and praying for Sapporo and joining the laughter, please don't let your mind wander far from the real truth and the real point of everything. Jesus Christ rose from the dead. His blood speaks a better word. The better word. His life means that we can live.

What a Saviour!



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