Picnics, hope and a happy heart :)

Ok, so right now I'm pausing at the end of a very busy couple of days to write a brief update (complete with photographs) as I wait 5 minutes for my subway home.

It's after 11pm.

I've just popped by a friend's share-house to say farewell to another friend as they head off on 3 weeks worth of traveling adventures.

To back track, before that I ate soba with some more friends.

Before that I went to the Sapporo Hope Festival event and sang in this 500 person choir.

Before that I taught 5 hours of English.

And at some point many, many hours ago, I left my house to begin this crazy, blessed and overflowing day.

Yesterday was a similar selection of craziness.

And blessedness.

So because it's late and I'm getting pretty sleepy, I'm going to photo-journey you through the week and ask for your prayers.

Because these are the people I love in this city that I love. That Jesus loves.

I love to pour love into them and press into a place with Jesus that just means there's this overflow that will never run dry because He will never run dry.

But this is also a spiritual battle.

And in all the huge answers to prayer and breakthrough, I am so very aware that I and we are in a huge spiritual battle all the time and prayer makes all the difference because Jesus has won the victory.

So right now there is this huge Christian festival being run here, and it's awesome to see so many non Christians come and hear the Gospel for the first time. I've been singing in this huge 500 person choir and over the last two days about 12 of my non Christian friends have come and experienced church and had an awesome time.

But this stuff gets real in the long haul relationships that enable us to walk out this journey together. In the real life reality of day to day messiness.

And so, this week has been blessed and awesome and filled my heart with joy.

But I'm so aware that we're in a battle that is won on our knees.

Because Jesus gets all the glory.

He's so beautiful. And He loves us so well.

So…. This week.

On Thursday the beautiful weather meant a beautiful outdoor picnic with one of my favourite people in the world. There's something so beautiful to me about sharing testimony and prayer in the great outdoors, and time with this girl is always Jesus-filled and heart-refreshing.

And on Friday the Spring rain meant an indoor picnic with some more of my favourite people…

And of course, as we were in language school, this was complete with some Japanese tongue twister practice…

Go figure!

I then promise I did actually teach some classes before running over to the start of the Hope Festival. It's hard to explain how blessed I am to sing Gospel music with 500 Japanese people… But it looks something like this…

Awesome, right?

And then post festival time, it was fellowship and birthday celebration time with some of my precious church family.

I did however make the mistake of agreeing to share pizza with a friend and letting them choose the toppings. Salmon, broccoli and olive is some unique combination…

So onto today… I worked and taught and loved my students…

And then I ran back across town to some more festival-praising-Jesus-festivities. I was so blessed that so many friends came today… These people are more precious to me than I can say.

And you know my day ended with this wonderful image.

I'm saved in my friend's phone, not as 'Peta', but as 'Crazy Cup of Tea'… (Considering this is the guy who danced with an umbrella for our launch party I think the word crazy is loosely used… ;))

But you know, it made me thankful. Just a little reminder that being here in this city, and building friendships and investing into people and living life with others and loving with all that Jesus gives… It's so worth it.

It's this battle though. This one we pray in and fight on our knees. Because loving deeply means we invest and we hurt and we cry and we risk everything into the heart of the One who is big enough and strong enough to keep on pouring into us.

And in Him is so much joy.

And on that note… Goodnight and God bless! 🙂 🙂




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