How do I sum up the last few days?!

So… On Monday, the most wonderful Becca and Donna (a.k.a. the Scottish-tachi) arrived in the sunny, beautiful, happy land of Sapporo.

Our reunion after a whole 4 months apart was a wonderful thing.

And the time since has been…. Amazing/hilarious/wonderful/beautiful/I-have-no-idea. Really.

I actually have no words to sum up the last few days.

In a 48 hour period we have….

1. Eaten a huge amount of breakfast food…

See those fried eggs? The girls ate them with chopsticks. It was one of the greatest moments I've ever witnessed. Proud. Peta.
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is our daily breakfast… Which is one reason among many that we might gain some serious weight in the next two weeks…

2. Been up Sapporo observatory…


Yep. This completely stunning city is the place I now call home, love completely, pray over and am so happy to share with some of the people I love the most.

We also ate some phenomenal ice cream at the top. Because, you know, ice cream tops everything off. Even an awesome view.

3. Went to a 'Cat Cafe'… Seriously.

Because, you know, in a nation that actually has cat cafes… Why not go and drink a latte whilst 20 cats run about? That's totally normal right?!



4. Taught English. Yep. I'm still teaching some classes these next two weeks, and I now have some seriously Scottish teaching assistants to help in this process.

Which is hilarious.

One of my students asked them earlier, 'Do you have a purpose?' (He intended to say, 'What is the reason you chose to visit Sapporo?'). Another asked, 'Do you have boyfriends? If so, what are they like? If not, what kind of boyfriend would you like?' Or my personal favourite, 'Do you want to experience an earthquake? Because I think they're really fun!'

5. Had the first picnic of many with some of my beautiful Sapporo friends.

Because they truly are completely beautiful.

6. Visited a hammock cafe. Which is considerably cooler and way less creepy than the cat cafe… If not a little risky when drinking fruit juice in a swinging, moving, very unstable seating option.


7. Posed with the colonel at KFC. Because we just couldn't resist.

8. Visited Maruyama park and Hokkaido Shrine.

9. Went to a Japanese restaurant with awesome people… But the food of which Becca was infinitely unimpressed with.

No fish please… 😉

10. Eaten pancakes and French toast at a place that Becca was considerably more impressed by…


And intermingled with a host of other lessons, coffee dates and happy times… We have filled our first 48 hours. I think we've done a good job.

Tomorrow we leave at 7am for a couple of days in Hakodate, which is about 4 hours South. We are staying in some crazy-awesome hotel where our room has a private onsen and you have a stunning view of the city.

I'm super excited. And super glad these wonderful ladies are in my life.

This blog post is kind of lacking in deep and spiritual meaning. But it is made up for in thankfulness and joy. There's something so precious about the people who were so important to you in the last season of your life getting to meet and spend time with the people who are so important to you in the second.

And the God who knits it all together and makes everything so completely beautiful in it's time. Or in His time. And in the right time.

I'm giving my testimony on Sunday in both services at my church, and as I think through the lifelong journey I've walked with Jesus, it's amazing to see the ways that He truly has His hand on every moment.

Even when I can't see clearly and what I see I see so dimly, I'll take a step and let You lead me God… You're so faithful. You're so kind. (Rachel Culver)

So in conclusion…

I asked the girls to sum up their trip so far in a single quote and this is what they came back with…

Donna: A whimsical journey through a bizarre dimension of Japanese culture… (Okay Donna, okay…)

Becca: This is a crazy place. No matter how much you seem to tell people you don't like fish it seems to appear on your plate anyway. (Secretly we think Becca just wanted to say, 'I like ice cream…')

Peace out people! We love you!



3 thoughts on “How do I sum up the last few days?!

  1. Haha I love this post!! What a crazy few days. Love having my spontaneous and crazy friend back for more epic adventures. Also love that even though you are on the other side of the world when we get together it’s just like old times. Love you ❤️

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