You can’t take the beach out of the girl…

So today I had to wear heels.

In fact, I had to be thoroughly smart in a way that I save for the moments when I have to pretend I'm some kind of educational-type-researcher-who-kind-of-knows-her-stuff… As opposed to the me-who-wears-Birkenstocks-and-lives-in-jeans-and-just-loves-hanging-out-with-broken-young-people.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think the two are mutually exclusive. I think you can walk in a few different metaphorical worlds and often feel God calling me to do so.

I do however, think the clothing you wear is mutually exclusive.

Very mutually exclusive.

And as much as I have tried over the years, I'm just so much more of a flip flop person than a high heels person.

I mean, ultimate credit for the girls who can wear high-heels and immaculate clothing and all that jazz day in day out, but you have to understand me here.

I love flip flops.

I really do.

In fact, I love being barefooted.

I really, really do.

I love it in a I-would-not-wear-shoes-every-single-possible-day-if-it-were-socially-acceptable-and-mean-that-I-wouldn’t-catch-hyperthermia-as-I-live-in-SAPPORO kind of way.

I think that my deep connection with feet-freeing-footwear comes from the first twelve years of my life being spent on the beaches of Devon and a later 5 year stint in Somerset.

Something about living by the beach means you just have to embrace the sand-between-your-toes feeling in all-potential weather.

Something about having mostly lived by the beach all your life means the compulsion stays with you even when you don’t.


You can take the girl away from the beach but you can't take the beach out of the girl.

So. Super. True.

So today my feet looked like this:

When I would have really rather they looked like this:

But there's this awesome Bob Goff quote that comes to mind whenever I think about my love of all things bare-foot-related.

I want to go barefoot because it’s holy ground; I want to be running because time is short and none of us has as much runway as we think we do; and I want it to be a fight because that’s where we can make a difference. That’s what love does.

You get it right? Like in the Bible when Moses had to take off His shoes because He was in the very Presence of the Almighty God and it was… Holy. Ground.

Holy Ground.

And I was thinking about how I want to live like that.

I want to live my whole life on the Truth that I'm meeting God every single day in countless beautiful ways.

I walked round the biggest elementary school in Sapporo today. 1000 pupils. So many children who don't know Jesus.

Holy ground.

I walked through this beautiful city that I love so much this afternoon. Tens of thousands of thousands of people. So many who don't know Jesus.

Holy ground.

And what does love do? Love fights. Love wars for the things that move the heart of God. Wars in prayer and in sacrifice and in obedience and runs in freedom and purpose and hope.

And I want to love.

Because He is Love.

And I want to fight.

Because He fought for me.

And I want to go barefoot because it's all holy ground.

Because Holy Spirit is making it so breathtakingly new.

Made by God. Reclaimed by God. Being restored by Holy Spirit. People that Jesus loves. Places that Jesus loves.

And in the every-day-living-life-meeting-young-people-meeting-professional-people-wearing-jeans-one-day-and-a-suit-the-next-but-loving-and-loving-and-loving, I want to build my house on holy ground.

I want to stay near to Him always.

It doesn't always look as fancy as the world's show, but it's eternal. It's stunning.

A friend of mine sent me some verses from Psalm 127 this week. They were actually for another friend of mine, but they struck me with purpose.

If God doesn’t build the house, the builders only build shacks. If God doesn’t guard the city, the night watchman might as well nap.


His eyes pierce us and they see truth. Truth in the inmost place. Desires in the depths of our hearts. Where nothing is hidden from Him. You can fool everyone but God. You can fool a thousand people but never Him.

But He fights for us with a running-in-the-dust-barefoot-reckless-kind-of-love.

He meets His prodigals on their way home.

And He makes everything new.


Which is really… why I'm totally ok with not being a high-heels kind of person… 😉

Night world! Big love to you all.



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