Pesky green skittles…

I’ve just finished work. My first student of the day brought me chocolates, my final student brought me coffee. My in-between students were great fun.

It’s been a good day.

And right now, I am sitting in my most familiar Starbucks, drinking earl grey tea, streaming the prayer room and enjoying a couple of hours downtime before I meet friends. 

It’s been a great day. And we have a great God. I love this place of unhurried worship where the Word and such truth-filled lyrics have the time to permeate my heart and my spirit. 

And those chocolates that I got brought today…? They were super-super-delicious!

They were from New Zealand. Jaffa chocolates. 

Oh. My. Word. 

Soooo good!

For those of you having experience of UK-based chocolate, they were like eating giant orange Smarties. Which is possibly one of the greatest things you could eat. If you’re in a chocolate-kind-of-mood.

You can’t get Smarties here (not that I’ve seen anyway), and in total honesty, I don’t miss them at all. They were never something I ate all that often. Because, you know? I only ever really liked the orange ones. 

But these super-jaffa-chocolates… They totally made me think about sweets that I miss.

Orange smarties (although we’ve now eaten so much orange chocolate that I’ll perhaps be ok for a considerable amount of time). Chocolate limes (I have a stock of these that will last me a good 6 months). And LIME skittles. 

Yep. Lime skittles. 


I have a not-so-secret-obsession with lime skittles. 

If you count yourself among my close friends or blog followers, you are probably already aware of this. 

Now, I have to clarify for those of you reading from outside of the United Kingdom… The reason that I love green skittles so much is because they are, quite frankly, the best-ever-in-the-world flavour of sweets: LIME!

Yep. I know. Everyone tells me that I’m super weird. But lime sweets are my favourite. Fruit Pastilles, Fruit Gums, Skittles, Starburst… The lime ones rock my taste-buds in a way that non of the other flavours do.

It’s just the way my brain is wired.

In a lime-loving-kind-of-way. 

So imagine my absolute and complete shock-horror last summer, when I brought a packet of Japanese skittles, only to discover… That the green ones were… APPLE flavour!

No. Way.

Seriously. No. Way. 

That might have actually been one the most traumatic moments of my trip right there and then. I’m still not sure I’m totally over the experience. 

Biting into a delicious, crispy, green, skittle… Only to find out that it was (in my personal opinion), the greatly substandard flavour of apple.

Apple flavour is just so…. Bleurgh. Nothing. 

It was a serious case of mistaken identity.


It’s happened to me on a number of occassions if I’m honest. You take a bite of what you think is a delicious chocolate chip cookie… Only to find that it’s actually raisins hiding beneath the surface (you know that quote that says raisin cookies are the reason people have trust issues… TRUTH). Or beans. The amount of time in Japan I get hit with beans instead of chocolate. You are offered a light green coloured ice cream (which you of course, if English, presume to be mint flavoured)… Only to find it’s macha (sorry macha lovers, for me THAT’s an anti-climax)… You think it’s a chilled glass of coke… But it’s actually bitter iced coffee. Anyone else have those moments? Or just me?

Because I sure have them! Especially in Japan.

But the thing is, there’s a serious point to this. Because as funny as my friends find it when I have a weird encounter with what I believe should be one of my favourite flavours of food, there’s a principle here about things not being what they seem.

Mistaken identity.

Things looking one way, but being another.

Things seeming as if they’re definately lime green, but actually hiding a completely different flavour.

It raises questions of righteousness. Doesn’t it?

True righteousness.

Real righteousness.

About how in the Old Testament in particular, righteousness was asking the question of how like God we are. Like a measuring stick that a child stands up against to see how tall they’re growing. It was never about keeping a list of laws or rules, it was about being changed into the very likeness of our Father and Creator Yahweh, from the very inside-out.

Becoming a man or a woman after the heart of God.

And righteousness, means that what is on the inside, is the same as what’s on the outside.

It’s consistency. It’s dependancy.

And it’s knowing that our godliness has a steadfastness that is real.

I am like everyone else. In my own strength, I am unrighteous. So, completely unrighteous. Unlike God, but so proud in thinking that I know best all of the time. So prone to making so many mistakes.  

But, Jesus, my precious Saviour, He not only saves me, but He changes me and keeps on changing me.

Into someone who is growing into the likeness of my Heavenly Father.

Into someone who is redeemed and made right with God, but also growing in righteousness. In consistency. In dependancy. In a godliness that has a steadfastness that is real.

And that means that I am given a responsibility to be flavoured with the same Holy Spirit that colours me.

Does that make sense?

If He saves me to be the colour green, then I should taste like lime.

Because that which I profess is just the overflow of the flavour of my heart.

And in that place, there is no mistaken identity.

Oh man, I miss green skittles. 

But thinking about them causes me to fall more in love with Jesus. 

Mighty Saviour of my life, and awesome inspirer of lime sweets. 😉

I’m streaming a Jaye Thomas worship set just now, but he’s singing one of my favourite All Sons and Daughters songs, so I’ll leave you with these lyrics. 

Our Great Redeemer. Glorious Saviour. Your Name is higher than the rising sun. Light of the morning, You shine forever, Your Name is higher than the rising sun. 

Oh, and yesterday I waved goodbye to my parents, bought a super-cool watch, and some other random outings… So enjoy a few more pictures. 







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